Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Glory God is Good

What a glorious time we are living in and if we would allow God to take us as a jeweller takes a diamond and allows us to be cut and polished we will walk into the destiny God has for us.

we are living in exciting times and for us as a family this is no different, my heart is filled with the love that Christ has given me, I am so excited about the doors that God is opening for us as a family and for me as an individual.

I feel so blessed and privileged to be speaking in my own home town after along time of silence on my part, the first on fathers day at the Full Gospel Church in Empangeni, the knees are shaking and i feel my mouth drying up but by His mercy I know He will see me through.

Then where my heart just bursts with joy is the Ladies tea at the baptist church, wow a day of dressing up and feeling like a princess, and been able to preach to God beautiful woman leaves me breathless as I sense Father just wanting to give them a glimpse of His love for them.

Glory God is Good.