Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Morning of delight

This morning as I sat at the master’s feet, I watched the sunrise on the horizon the beauty of it was breathtaking, all I could do was acknowledge how awesome the Father is.I looked at the fresh dew on my ice berg roses and some where beautiful others had rust on them and still some where past there glory, how many of us feel like that past glory? I must admit I have felt like this there have been days of utter despair and pain that seemed to permeate all areas of my life, but just like after a terrible storm we see a rainbow reflected in the sky so by His grace I am lifted up and reminded of the wonderful promises He has given in His word. He says He will never forsake us, there have been times in my life where I have had nothing not even bread in my cupboard and then He comes full of grace and compassion to restore me, the scripture that resounds here is “Ps 37:25 have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the [uncompromisingly] righteous forsaken or their seed begging bread” I want to encourage you today, allow God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the wonderful counselor the Holy Spirit to bring you a promise and a hope for the future. My dear friends Christ has set us free don’t allow the enemy to take your hope away from you.

Love always
Going from Glory to Glory


Anonymous said...

Hi Debs,

Tis is really great thanx for letting me enjoy these words of wisdom & encouragement you realy are an inspiration and thanx for always being there I know you are busy so thanx for remembering me too.

Luv Tania