Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Have you ever wondered about the journey God takes you on?
Many a day I sit and wonder where the next path may lead us, will we be happy will we be comfortable? These are questions one often asks in our journey of life, one of our preachers asked this question “ are we living with eternity in mind?” it really set my mind at ease after this question was posed.

With having children I am able to leave an inheritance behind, not just in material wealth but in spiritual wealth, the scripture comes to mind in Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are the inheritance of Jehovah; the fruit of the womb is a reward. As I look at each one I see the reward in been a mom. I know that the only way for me to have eternity in mind for them is to each day be able to go down on my knees and pray for them, what a privilege to bring each one by name to pray for their future knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they are firmly fixed in the masters hands.

As life seems to get so busy and we are running from one meeting to the next ask your self this question “this that I am doing has it got eternity in mind?” “Will it make my children remember me or will I be an absent mother or father?”

Take time today to hug your children remember to greet them with a smile so they will see that they are a reward and not a burden let them see you enjoying their little behaviors that are their little stamp on life. Knowing that you have left their future securely in the Masters hand