Thursday, July 5, 2007


As I was getting ready for work this morning I had my slippers on and had just put my foot into my high heel shoe when princess #2 called as I turned to walk I nearly fell this got me thinking about my walk with God and wondered at times if I walk in the physical like I do in the spirit I would have a lot of broken bones, and yet at times I have felt like I have been walking with one high heel on and a flat slipper on. I would never do this in my natural walk yet its so easy to do it in the spirit.

There have been times where I have felt that I was walking so close to the Lord that I could smell His beauty right next to me then something happens and I feel all alone isolated and burdened. When victory has been so sweet smelling and you taste triumph, and you walk out the front door and the world confronts you…. It’s like wearing one high heel and a flat slipper.

Even my emotions echo the one high heel and flat slipper; with the impending engagement I have been happy and sad all in one, at times the excitement of the new son and the tears of a child becoming an adult, are all very real to me at this moment in time.

So here I am before my Father today one high heel and one flat slipper asking Him to help me in this walk with Him. There is so much that I want to learn in become fully aware of His truths for me, that the Holy Spirit would be my leveling power in my attempt to walk upright in all I do when all I have on is one high heel and a flat slipper.



Jen said...

You know the biggest problem with wearing one high heel and one slipper?...we become unbalanced.

Thank you Father for protecting us in those times where we find ourselves with one high heel and one slipper.

Blessings on you today!

Shelly said...

Wow. I love the analogy. Thank you for the strong visual word!

Tara Sloan said...

Wow Deborah! Have you been reading my mail or what! Thanks for the Word girl!

Darla said...

Princess Deborah,
I am just thinking..mmmm and sometimes that is dangerous! :) But I have been feeling like I am unbalanced in my spiritual walk, and I pray about it, and HE continues to be awesome...wondering if that needy unbalanced state isn't where HE wants us sometimes so we hold on to HIM tighter. HE does know the battles that rage us around us, and the ones we can't even see. Also have daughter making wedding plans and it is filled with mixed emotions! PMS has nothing on the ups and downs of the first one getting married. My children are 22, 15, and 11. have a blessed day! Remember who you are! (Me too!) love, Princess to princess

Pearls of Wisdom said...


Great post. I have Missed you.

In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama ) ():)

Irritable Mother said...

I'm agreeing with Darla. When we're walking with one high heel and one flat slipper we need to cling to Someone so we can walk well! Perhaps that's just where He wants you, realizing you need Him and cannot do it on your own!
This is a great picture. Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I laughed at your comment about "Chicks dig big scars"! Hadn't thought about Joshua being able to "show off" in that way. LOL

Irritable Mother said...

I tagged you. Come see!

Debbie said...

Great post and a great word.


Nadine said...

What a great post. I loved the analogy you made between our physical and spiritual walk.

Anonymous said...

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The Preacher's Wife said...

what a great image! don't you love when God gives you something so practical to relate in a spiritual way?

praying for you my friend..i know you are experiencing so much right now...

much love,

Dionna said...

Thank you for visiting my site and for your compliments. :)

Darla said...

hey Princess...checking in so i thought I would tag you...come over to my blog and check it out..:) Darla