Tuesday, September 18, 2007


These are a few girls that where at the spring breakfast we hosted where I shared on fragrance. I thought I would share it with you, loved what each one said:

Melanie Grant Red Door - Always rushing in, rushing out. I am also someone who is on the lookout for opportunities - open doors. It's a fairly strong, overpowering smell at times - and I can be loud and a little too much for people to handle.

Mel Olivier If I were a perfume it would be a light, floral fragrance. I am a 'softie' and like pretty, feminine things.

Phumzile Biyela If I were a perfume I would be called "Peace" because I love peace and whenever people next to me are at loggerheads with each other, I try all I can to be a peacemaker. I love peace more than anything. In fact I would rather have nothing in the world but peace.

Belinda Poupard If I were a perfume I would be a scented bubblebath, because I'm bubbly and love pretty things.

Kerry Benade Tommy Girl - because I am still in my mid 20's, not mature and sophisticated like "Beautiful" and "Pleasures". I am still happy-go-lucky, no children and in a way immature, I am not a girlie-girl, more a natural girl, girl-next-door type ... so I think that would suite me best

Eloise Olivier I would be "Beautiful" from Estee Lauder. Its a soft, gentle and long lasting fragrance, but also has a deeper smell that leaves your mind thinking. I think it represents me because I am a soft, gentle person but inside there's a whole deeper ME!

Elinor Olivier Happiness by Clinique - It leaves a fragrance that represents youth, but joyful and mature. Something I deeply desire for my life and others, true happiness. When life throws me lemons, Lord teach me how to make lemon juice.

Love always me


Sharon said...

I am not sure what perfume I would be.
I guess as long as I am a sweet smell before the Lord that is what matters.