Thursday, October 4, 2007


Yesterday was one of those days that I enjoy, once a month I go to a book club; it’s not the kind of intellectual ones just a group of 12 gals from all walks of life and experiences no one is from my church and some of them don’t even go to church. I just relish the times I spend with them, and the topics vary on every sort of level from abortion to which wine goes with fish.

I love these girls they are so real and even if I am the baby of the group and don’t drink I am never look down on. Yesterday was one of those ones that spoke about some serious issues that I must say I didn’t have the answers to… which then proceeded to a subject that some people would frown upon I guess girls discussing sex is not always acceptable in our Christian walks but hey we are all doing if we are married (I hope) … these girls are a good 10-15-20 years my senior and to hear some of the things is very enlighten.

They make me laugh at the things they get up to and sounds like when the kids leave home some serious fun starts…. One lady did say that friendship with your partner is most essential for when the kids leave home. I must say I cant agree more… we as leaders in our church are encouraged to have people through our home the one vision and value in our church is “FRIENDSHIP BEFORE FUNCTION” but Fred and I don’t ever plan something for a Friday night as that is our date night and do find it a huge sacrifice when something happens on a Friday night and we have to attend…. Adding to that I must say that when things do like singles week end away happens we don’t mind helping as we want our pastors to be freed up from waiting on tables… so this Friday will be a very special date night as next week we are going camping with the singles and our Pastoral couples… Fred is going to do the braaing (barbequing) and I will be making the salads with the help of my friend Rene.

I can’t wait to see what we are going to do this Friday…. I wish more people would have date nights it’s so important to a marriage… I find if we have not had a date night because of various reasons I find my mood been more erratic then it should… I just love the idea of the chatting and laughter that goes on between us where we can leave home life and everyday things behind and just dream together… our dream at the moment is doing a tour on a Harley Davidson through the Grand Canyon for our big 40 which we both celebrate in 2009.

On some other news I have now lost a total of 5 kg (11pounds) since I started my new medication for my thyroid on the 19th of September……. Yippee I am so glad. Thank you to everyone that sends words of encouragement. Fred has got us on to a new medical add which enables us to go to one of the nice gyms in south Africa and even though I don’t like to gym I am looking forward to us doing something as a family the kids are really over the moon and cant wait to work on their 6 pack as Mark and Kirsty put it….

On the home front Mark went for his pre entry exam to the Christian school in the Bay and we are praying up a storm that he is accepted as he loves the school and the teachers and I as a mother will feel a lot more content having him at that school. Kirsty is having long dance practices as there is a dance extravagance coming up and she is one of the lead dances…
Our babies that are not at home have found out that they are expecting a boy (my first grandbaby) and that he is not shy to show he is a little boy but the hands are covering his face. Jen and Charl are doing well, Charl is excelling in his new working environment and I know that with God on their side he is going to the top.

Talking about babies we are getting a new baby today called bubbles a Dalmatian pup so I will be blogging about it tomorrow.

Love always me


Sharon said...

Glad things are going well.
I love date nights too. I can tell when Keith and I have not been spending enough time alone. We need each other--time alone reminds me of the reasons I love my man.
Have fun on your camping trip.

Jen said...

Date nights are awesome!
Congrats on the weight encouraging! Also congrats on the little is your daughter's health?


Lady Melissa said...

Congrats on your new grandson and the new pup. I also agree with the date night, it helps release stress from all angles.

I would love to visit Africa one day - that has been a dream of mine but just doesnt seem reachable.

Lots of love

darla said...

i need to lose weight too.send me all your secrets! :)
I love that you are part of that book club, so many miss the point when they stay in their little group of believers, and never get to inter mix with the others..just people lost in need of a savoir, and they do listen to a friend before the loud evangelist..just works that way..I would so be part of that club too. Love ya!

The Preacher's Wife said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I know you have to be so encouraged...Stay strong, dolla!