Monday, May 7, 2007


As I am reading through different blog sites I am starting to see a common thread, it’s as if all the girls in my life are talking about dancing. I know that I have always been fascinated by dance and this I have passed onto my girls and as I watch Kirsty my middle daughter practise for her dance exams that is coming up with dedication and anticipation I wonder about my own dedication and anticipation when it comes to dancing with Jesus, she has become minimalist taking out everything in her bedroom and only keeping her bed and has asked her dad for a pole and full mirrored wall so she can practice.

This got me thinking about our approach to our spiritual life do we practice and have a dedication in our lives where we get rid of the clutter in our souls where we make room to dance with the Lord on a daily bases, I remember speaking at a woman’s conference and a very well groomed lady came up to me and told me about her morning waltz with the Lord, she said that she had a special meeting place with the Lord where she would put on dance music and her and the Lord would dance while they discussed the daily events of life and she could cry on His shoulder while He encircled her waist and girded her up for the day. How many of us watch movies like “Come dance with me” and we sigh at the beauty of the movement of the dancer and her partner, do you know that Jesus wants to dance with you He wants to encircle you in His love he wants to raise your weary head and make you stand tall and proud to be His daughter, today stop for a moment and let the Master lead you to the dance floor, allow the Masters hand to guide you let Him lead you, place your head on His breast and hear His heart beat for you, allow the time to be romanced by the Holy Spirit, dance girls till you are lost in His presence.
I can hear the throne room starting to play our song and my Father calling me to come dance with Him, time to put on my shoes, pirouetting down the hall till later….
Love always