Thursday, May 17, 2007


There is a song we sing at church and a part of the songs words are : He is a shield to all who trust Him. This morning as I sat on my chair in the front of my garden, I look back over my life and I can see that Father God is my shield He has protected me in so many ways. Can you imagine the sound of an army marching can you see it with your spiritual eyes, this is what the Holy Spirit showed me this morning I am still in awe of this picture. As I was praying for the body of Christ I heard the sound of many people marching all at the same tempo, I saw the picture of a bride but it was strange as the bride had her dress on by instead of flowers a sword and shield, and instead of nice wedding shoes she had on army boots, I felt Father saying that as much as we are the bride of Christ we are also part of His victorious army, another song comes to mind, the battles the Lords the Victory is ours, girls I want to encourage you today to rise up and be counted in this army, put on the full armour of God so as to with stand the arrows of the enemy. If God is for us who can be against us. Come bride of Christ rise up. Hear the sound of the trumpet. GET READY


Shelly said...

Mmm...Bride of Christ rise up! I love it. Thank you for stopping by in blog world and it is good to 'meet you!' I liked your point about having even the spiritual ears to hear the sound of our LORD of Hosts leading us in triumphal procession, marching in victory. Wow...that's one to ponder over for the day. Thank you!

.insignificantly significant. said...

I love that...we are His Princesses while being His Warriors! Such strenght the Lord gives us!

Aw, I love those verses in Ephesians...He asks us to wear the full armor of God---and I love how our offensive line is solely His Word.

Thanks, I needed this today!