Monday, May 14, 2007


We are suppose to be in the middle of Autumn here but it is so hot that my two darling school babies, both whined when they got in the car, and if I have a weakness its for vanilla soft serve. So with their darling faces alight with happiness we went off to the local hamburger joint that sells the most Delicious cones you can think of, as we where sit there we spoke about small miracles in life and Mark my son commented on how our lives are miracles, that we are able to ride to an ice cream place and be able to afford the ice cream, never in my life have I been so proud to call him my son, girls today look at the small miracles in life, sometimes we are so busy looking for the big supernatural things to happen that we miss out on the small miracles and when they are all added up they make one big huge miracle. Go chase rainbows enjoy the butterfly kisses from your children, enjoy the good conversation at the local coffee shop with your dolla friends, hug your husband, but most importantly thank the Lord for His blessing on your life daily. love always Me


Crystal said...

Ice cream is definitely on my list of must have's. Thanks for blessing me with a visit to my blog!

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cheerios (this is also the brand name) are small, round oat pieces of cereal, shaped like doughnuts. Toddlers love these as snacks and this works for me because they are sugar-free!! LOL

Hey, you should do the meme...Let me know if you do!!
Blessings to you and yours!

Debbie said...

I posted an answer on my blog as well, but came over to "visit" yours too!! :)