Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have never seen so much dirt as I started to clean my home this morning, my darling house keeper has not been in for a week and with my busy work schedule, we have had no choice but to slum it for the past week, so I got up put on my sweatsuit (believe me nothing like this picture) and decided enough is enough this house needs some serious cleaning, I started in my study where I am trying to put together 3 talks for 3 different events I have been asked to speak at the one is about royalty so I have a tiara perched on the screen of my computer for inspiration, a pair of jeans on the chair for the other one so while cleaning I put the thing (tiara) on my head and forgot all about it. My son and his friend had just got home from a bike ride and they where covered in mud from head to toe I guess its what boys do, anyway I carried on cleaning only to hear my sons friend ask does your mom always wear a crown when she clean her house, my sons reply took me by surprise, no but I guess house work is not something pretty and my mom loves pretty so I guess she wants to feel pretty having to clean our mess. Bless his heart, my hero for Saturday clean up.

Anyway girls I just wanted to leave a short note to say I think you are all princesses today and I am praying that the Father comes and touch you where you are in front of the sink full of dishes or in a beauty salon been pampered, my prayer is that the Lord will pour out a special anointing on each one of you, that you will have peace no matter what you are going through, and please keep wearing your crown as Queen of your home by His grace