Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My beloved, you do not need to make your path, for I go before you…I cannot use a tired body, and you need to take time to renew your energies…I will teach you, as I taught Moses on the back side of the desert, and as I taught Paul in Arabia…There is no virtue in activity in and of itself—nor in inactivity. I minister to you in solitude that you may minister Me to others as a spontaneous overflow of our communion…Learn to say “no” to human demands and to say “yes” to the call of the Spirit…Come away, My beloved; be like the doe on the mountains and we will go down together to the gardens.

This is my morning reading from "Come away my beloved"

How often we run and try to make our own paths when all we need to do is listen to the voice of the Father, He has gone out before us. That in times of solitude He ministers to us and fills us up so that in return we can be a hand to those that need a touch, just as each one of you have touched me, I truly can say I feel the Father in each word!

Thank you Father for teaching me to put my trust in you ever step of the way, how I love that you are so personal with each one of us, Father my prayer this morning is that each lady man child reading this will find ways in which they can find time to go together down to Your garden to feast on the banquet you set before them.



Shelly said...

Powerful Word for us to feast on Him and Him alone - and FIRST. He is the Only One that satisfies. May we cease trying to do this thing on our own...

Darla said...

Princess I love that book! Come away my beloved!!! have you ever seen the book "Jesus Calling" that one is similiar and very good too!! Praying so much for you, and praying for you to have the sweetest sense of HIS presence! love ya dolla!

Leigh Gray said...

thank you for the word!!! I will have to look inot that book. thanks for the tip.

have a wonderful day!


Sharon said...

Went to the garden this morning and the feast was luscious and sweet--highly recommended.

Mish said...

Hey my friend so precious it's so special to have those wonderful times with our Heavenly Father. He longs to touch us each day with His Spirit if we allow Him. You are such a Blessing my dolla friend what an inspiration. Love Ya lots. Mish

Mindy said...

I tagged you. Please come see and join the fun! I can't wait to read your answers!
In HIM -

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Great post!

In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama )

A Hoosier Family said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. You have some very neat things here! I always like to be inspired when visiting other blogs, and yours did exactly that. I'll be adding you to my RSS feed list. It's nice to "meet" you- keep in touch. ~Sharon~

Irritable Mother said...

Saying "no" to human demands - this is a tricky one! But I so want to feast on the banquet He sets before me.
I'm glad it's up to Him and not up to me!

nsremom said...

I don't know how I found your AWESOME blog, maybe grace4gayle? Not sure, but I'm glad that I did.

I read your post about your daughter and felt a pang in my spirit.

I have personal experience with what you've described and know that people can be mean. People can be hurtful and people can dissapoint you with their sin of pride. ('not MY daughter...'etc)

But, people will forgive. People will forget and usually, people just end up not caring all that much. It's just the beginning that's hard.

I think that your attitude is AWESOME. You bet that you can cry and be annoyed or angry. Whatever it is that you're feeling....just feel it.

I was married at 18 and have been married 14 years strong now. Me getting married so young was a huge problem to many people, but the same Holy Spirit that works in a 55 year old is the SAME Holy Spirit that was at work in my 18 year old heart.

And your daughters.

(adding you right now to my bloglines.)

Gretchen said...

Thank you for ministering to me through your ups and downs. Life, especially for a Christian, is not for the wimpy or faint hearted. :)


Vanessa said...

I am very proud of you, and will be entering you in the Glam-Gran, 2008 competition. Please wear your pink leathers for the pictures!
Luv your chocoholic buddy