Thursday, August 30, 2007


Our town is in mourning, a young man hung himself in one of our busy parks in the town, from a tree with his shoe lace, the park is on a road that many children have to travel to the local High school, he was found by a housekeeper in the morning while rush hour to school was taking place. As I road past the park this morning I saw all the flowers that are under the tree, I wondered in this young man life if anyone had given him flowers.
One of the ladies that are very precious to me just said I wonder what message he was trying to send out. I am overwhelmed by the pain these parents are going through and my thoughts keep coming back to my own children, I ask my self the question, do they know that I am hearing them that I am seeing them. Please pray with me for this family that are in such a broken place right now that they will seek God and find refuge in His hiding place

I think as in most people if we are honest the cry of our heart is see me, pick me, please don’t leave me out! My dear friends lets not forget to give flowers to our children everyday! No matter how disappointed we might be in what they are doing find something that you can encourage them about. When I speak of flowers I am not meaning just the actual flowers but compliments, let our words be one of love and ointment to their souls in a world that cares not for our children.

I am reminded of Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are the inheritance of Jehovah; the fruit of the womb is a reward. Let us remind ourselves daily of the privilege we have, remember a simple thing of smiling when our children enter a room, a hug when passing them in the house. Let our children know they are needed that they are seen. Lets give them flowers everyday.
Love always me


Sharon said...

Thanks for the reminder--I needed that today.
Dealing with an 18 year old that does not want to be dealt with.
Trying to remind myself that i love him even if I hate the way he is acting. Love the sinner hate the sin.