Tuesday, August 28, 2007


me not feeling so great

As I lay on my bed yesterday after work just not feeling so well seems the flu bug has struck our lives and I feel like a train has been across my body. I read Deanna’s blog about been a wonder women and I must admit I would have loved this teaching a few years ago when we where very new to ministry and where tossed to and fro in the life of ministry, and don’t get me wrong now we had wonderful teachers back then but there wasn’t those practical handles on life skills that I get from her writings at the moment, I later found out about priority and goal setting and emergency plans been a mom of three I had to learn very quickly how to balance many things in life. What I really enjoyed about her notes is the practical way that she talks about putting the clothing ready the evening before, finding your best time to give to God for many years I struggled with this one as the people that surrounded me where all morning people and me been a night person found it so dishearten when they brought scripture before me about rising early to meet with Jesus, yet I had to find peace in the fact that it was in the evening when my house work was complete and the kids had bathed and peace reigned in the Meyer household that I could come away with my beloved Lord and take time to pray and hear His voice, two thing that I am going to take from Deanna is
My purpose statement: and A weekly “initiative list” so as I finish up with my daily tasks of been a wife, mother, church administrator, getting ready for a ladies talk on Saturday I want to sit at the feet of my Master and hear from Him what He wants from me before the busyness of life comes along, where am I going and what is my clear call on my life.

With this flu making my nose run and my head feel likes it a ball of cotton wool, I will say goodbye for now and ask that all of you please keep me in prayer as I am not feeling great and have to teach at the ladies breakfast on Saturday morning.
Love always me


Sharon said...

Praying girl.
Feel better soon!

Pastor Lisa said...

I'm praying you feel better soon.

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Shelly said...

I hope you feel better girl!!! Real soon :(

Profbaugh said...

I'll keep you in prayer. It's horrible to have the flu. May you heal rapidly and feel better, stronger each day.

Love in Christ,