Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Goodbyes are so hard

This weekend has been quite an emotional one for me, when I make a friend its like she becomes part of my family, and this weekend I had to say goodbye to a very special friend of mine who flew to the UK, this woman has impacted my life in so many areas.

Pauline, thank you so much for the time that you where in SA the amount of wisdom I gleaned from you was awesome. She is one of those fun spiritual friends you can just hang with.

Pauline came into my life just over a 2 years ago when she came to our church, I will never forget the day I was walking with my chocolate buddy when she got a call on her cell, I could hear this lady with a slight American accent talking to her, Pauline had lived in New York and Florida for 9 years serving the Lord, she had gotten the number from a friend of a friend and was trying to locate a church in our area, so the two of them met for coffee and Ve my chocolate buddy phone me and said Deb’s you have to meet this lady I know you two are going to be friends.

About a week later Sunday evening service this very attractive lady waltz up to me says Hi I am Pauline and who are you, from that moment we hit it off, we both share a passion for coffee shops and shoes…. Need I say more, we both have a heart for women’s ministry and preaching the word of God to see peoples lives touched and transformed. We both an incredible naughty streak in our lives.

We would hang out about 3 or 4 times a week, we even belly danced together “Oh P where am I going to find a dolla that will shake her hips with me!!!!!?”

I know that it’s a time such as this for her to meet the man of her dreams and as she goes to the UK and ministry doors are opening one after the other. I want to say to you, you are truly a woman of worth, your one of the best orators I have ever heard. You’re a woman passionate for life and for her God. I salute you today my precious friend.

One thing is I hate having to say goodbye this broke my heart…..


Mish said...

Hi my friend I know how it feels to say goodbye to friends. Living in the ex pat community you always have to say bye to friends its real hard. thinking of you in this time hang in there be strong. Love ya lots Mich