Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The start to a wonderful morning, Darling Rene and Dorkas getting everything tables out and set

Moggie, Janet and Goretti putting the final touches together

Girls arriving

Ladies having fun in the sun

Me doing my thing

What a wonderful spring morning we all had.

Love always me


Pastor Lisa said...

Everything looked beautiful!

Sharon said...

How fun I love doing things like that.
I am sure the women felt special.

Jen said...

Looks so beautiful and so much fun!
In Canada, our children headed back to school on Tues. I hosted a "Time to weep, Time to Laugh Tea Party" for the mom's after our offspring were all settled back into their much fun to gab and fellowship with groups of Ladies.

I am envious that you are starting Spring....Beautiful Fall is almost upon us, but then COLD Winter!

You looked right at home "doing your thing"

Lady Melissa said...

Everything is beautiful, I'm sure you all had an awesome time. Keep up the good job "Doing Your Thing".

God bless & Lots of love,
Lady Sutton

Mich said...

Hi my friend been a while since i left a comment been very busy. This looks fun seems like the girls were all enjoying themselves. I think you must come and do something like this for us in Malawi. Love you lots. Mich

Darla said...

Princess, love the pics! Where is this at? your home? curious...very beautiful..I want to come!!! :) Love you, Princess to princess!

Anonymous said...

Hey you, I've heard marvellous things about your "thing" that you did at the poolside! Well done! Wish I could've been there to hear. Hadn't seen Rene's pool either, it's great!

Leigh Gray said...

how awesome - i want to come next time!!!!!!!! Please!!

Have not heard from you in a while. Hope everything is going well!

Have a great day!


The Preacher's Wife said...

Deb - Is this your home?? Wherever it is, positively Gorgeous!!