Monday, September 3, 2007


How many of you have gone into a coffee shop just because of the aroma that comes from the door as you walked pasted, I wonder at times sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops if my aroma is pleasing to passers by would my aroma be fragrant enough for them to stop what they are doing and come in and sit awhile with me?

As I look over the different flavors that are given on the menu, I think of the spiritual gifts we have some of them seems to have a lot more body to them then others but in all of them there is a flavor that is the same the flavor of Christ.

I think of the latte’s the cappuccino’s and my new favorite Caribbean mocha, all the same ingredient but vastly different in flavor, the latte with its milk base or the cappuccino with the delicious full body cream on top, the Caribbean mocha with its distinct coconut flavor, some of us love a strong cupper coffee like my hubby that loves a good espresso every now and then which is just to strong for my taste, is this not how we are that some people seem to flow so easy with certain gifting and others just cant seem to palate them.

All of us can disagree on what makes a good cup of coffee, some like the strength the other the flavored ones some even more milk, my dear friend Pauline loves it piping hot adding boiling water all the time while I like it medium not too strong with a creamy hot but not at boiling point and so I can go on but on one thing we all agree on is there is nothing worse then a bad cup of coffee. I came across a devotional talking about a bad cup of coffee in which the writer used some of the points that I took just the heading and I want to discuss them in my own reflections on what makes us as Christians a bad cup of coffee if we allow these following points to be part of our make up:

When we are weak Christians we are not walking by faith and by the spirit and in many cases our life is dominated by fear and inconsistence of walking with the Father, this is when there is a need to get into Gods word and start to be grounded in the solid foundation of Gods word. Scripture says that we are to walk by faith and not by sight but if we have no idea of what God is saying about you and your destiny you will remain a weak Christian, and just like a weak cup of coffee it doesn’t leave a distinct flavor behind


Even though I don’t drink any sugar there is nothing worse then a bitter cup of coffee and even if you put sugar in that bitterness seems to seep through even with great amount of sugar added, I have had my bouts of bitterness and it was the most unpleasant aroma to be around, when we are bitter it seeps into every fiber of our being, its like cancer that grows finding it way into every part of our life, even if I do all the works I can find to do if I don’t allow the Holy Spirit to come and work in my heart if I don’t renew my mind the bitterness seeps in, I am reminded of a ladies tea that I spoke at the some of the pastors wives where shall I say upset by my humor and found that it was not holy enough for their liking, after spending the afternoon with the group leader of these pastors wives I understood that a root of bitterness had crept in, the church that had hosted the Pastors and pastors wives tea was a church that was flourishing in the ladies events and the pastors wives of the other church felt angry and bitter toward the church and all the speakers that came in, as I spent time with them I realized that the bitterness just overflowed out of them instead of join together and working together they would rather hang on to their bitterness and not allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them, my prayer to this day is that God break through that wall of bitterness and that they would allow the Holy Spirit to come and heal them.

How many time have you hear Christians talk about past anointing and there is nothing wrong with it in essence but its when we only have the past anointing to talk about it becomes stale the word says in Ecclesiastics that His mercy is new every morning, lets not become stale without taste without an aroma when we go about our business in the day, girls lets make a habit of going into His presence everyday to receive a fresh revelation straight from the throne room of grace. How awesome it is to be able to step into that throne room and come out fresh new and vibrant, if you haven’t had that experience today or even yesterday I want to encourage you to take time out come and get freshly grounded in His word and allow His spirit to come and anoint you so that you walk out with a fresh aroma,

Have you tried something new coffee blend just to find it leaving a sour taste in your mouth this is the same with the world when we find ourselves becoming so much part of the world that you can not see where is the world and where is the child of the most High we come away with a sour taste in our mouth a taste of sin and a distinct aroma of the world, girls I want to encourage you that for you to be the light of the world you have to stand out in the crowd not by judging them but by giving them a hope of the future, I have a friend that every time life throws her a curve ball she seems to fall into some places of worldliness and when she comes out of it she has said over and over it leaves a sour taste in her life, today I want to encourage you not to allow the world to come in and leave a sour taste in your mouth, surrender everything to Gods control, allow Him to come and give a sweet pleasant aroma to your life,


I dread coffee that is cold the shock to my system is not good when I bring that cup to my mouth expecting that it would be warm and luxurious only to discover it cold, this is what happens to us when we start to remove ourselves from the things of God, we start by missing maybe our ladies group and then maybe not reading our bible or just living on popcorn prayers then it becomes our meeting and pretty soon we find ourselves cold and disinterested in the things of God if you even slightly feel your drawing away get close allow the Holy Spirit like the element that heats our coffee to heat you up to put you though His percolator so that you can come out freshly brewed and an aroma that will have people coming back for more and more.

As we have come out freshly brewed what flavor are you what is your aroma that you are giving off

Let us spend enough time in His presence so that we can become strong cups of coffee that when people come and sit by us we will allow them to become refreshed and renewed by the aroma you give off, may the presence of Christ so infuse you that all that come away from you will be wanting to come back time and time again.
Love always me


Shelly said...

Wow....great analogies. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi my precious friend Debs,

Couldn’t access the “comments” part of the blog (internet problem I think), but today’s blog could’ve been written just for me! Your blog has been an incredible source of inspiration, soul-searching, commiserating and laughing, and I hope that you reap the most tremendous rewards from the blessings you are sowing just by being yourself out there!

Luv and mochachino bubbles always

Ve xxxxxxxxxxx

Darla said...

AMen Sista! I really must get off this pc...thinking about you...praying for you and your ministry!