Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I came back wanting to blog about my time in Toti where I spoke to a ladies group called WOW, and the SALTT conference that I attended for the week but it was overshadowed by crime.

Saturday all I wanted to do was sleep in and just catch up on some rest and then do some thing fun with Fred as all our children where going to our expo. We have a garden flat on our property and are very blessed to have one of our pastor’s fiancĂ© living in it until they get married in December. At about 7 am she came and woke me up saying I needed to come and look at her flat. Thinking it was a geyser or something nothing prepared me for this, okay you all living in South Africa will just say oh yeah sure.

I was in total shock and then anger, someone had broken in while her and her sister where sleeping, they must have sprayed something that would knock them out completely praise God they where not harmed however they ransacked her whole flat even stealing her engagement ring off her finger while they where asleep, they left the fridge and everything wide open. They had got in through a bathroom window that only a small child could fit through and then politely went out of the front door!

This is so unfair, our land is in such turmoil when the police arrived they said what a busy night they have had with house breaks, I have tried to make a concisions effort to not let fear creep in but last night after home group (home cell) I came up the stairs of our house and my son just yelled mom stop snake!!! This set off a whole different emotion and reaction, I am so tired of living with this constant looking over my shoulders I am even afraid to let someone in the church office that I don’t know as in the last year 3 churches have been robbed at gun point. We as a family in the last 4 years have been robbed more then 10 times.

I come this morning just wanting prayer for the fear. I know the word says that we have not been given a spirit of fear…. How do I make this part of my life…..? I don’t want to live inside a prison anymore fearing to be in my own garden at night just in case someone comes around the corner to hurt us. I am like a little scared rabbit jumping at every corner. I don’t want to feel like this any longer, dear dolla sisters please pray for me and my attitude right now!


Leigh Gray said...

oh friend - I have not heard from you for sometime, but i hate to come by and see this has happened to you all. I am so sorry. I hate living in fear. I will be praying for your protection and your peace. Love you, leigh

Sharon said...

I am sorry that you are having to go through this.
I thank God that He is going to remind you at this time that He is in control. He is the one who allows the sifting but then He tells Satan--NO FURTHER.
We had our first break in while out of town this past summer. I remember refusing to give in to the fear. Yes, it showed up--but I did not have to let it in.
I asked God why He allowed it to happen. Lots of money was stolen. But, it was HIS money. I almost felt sorry for whoever it was--they took what was God's.
I felt like God told me that this was a way that He could bring the thiefs into contact with Himself through our prayers for them.
Like they were at a desperate turning point and our prayer were going to make the difference.
Even my little girl said, maybe one day we will see them in heaven. Talk about blessing those who curse you.
Stomp on the devil!

Jen said...

Oh, this is sooo hard. When evil dares to come right to your door. I always get so angry at the devil for the brazen audacity he displays at times like this!
I am praying "no weapon formed against you or your family or property will prosper."

Bless you as perfect love casts out all that fear.