Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Exhaustion and my life

Total exhaustion has been cruising around my body for a few days now, that by Friday when I went home and for all of you that know me this might sound so unlike me, I did not even have the energy to talk. All I wanted was to lie down on our Family room couch with my pillow and do nothing, at present the water tablets I am taking are not helping with the water I am retaining even my face seems to be fuller then normal. When Fred walked in he took one look and said no cooking cleaning or even blogging, and no date night for you, you are now sentenced to that couch. I was fine with that, so we went to get pizza and a DVD which would not play on our machine or on the play station much to the children’s disappointment. We all went to bed rather early which I was very thankful for just lay in Fred’s arms normally he is a sleep way before me but not on Friday, I can’t handle feeling this way!

But to back up slightly our ladies group has started a new book we have finished “woman of freedom” and now we are using a Beth Moore series called “living Beyond yourself” we had the introduction and it was fantastic, we had a good laugh because we as a church do lots of trans local work, going into more 3rd world countries then where we live, and I go with my hairdryer and rollers, so we just all burst out laughing when we heard that Beth does the same, I am also a hands talker so I just love her energy and zeal for the things of God! I cant wait to start getting into the word with this work book, of which it will take about 45 min of homework every night for 5 days and then the next DVD, so I am believing that I will come out changed and more zealous then before, I know that God has a divine appointment with me for this season.

So Saturday was a big day for South Africa as we where all getting ready to bring the world cup home…whoooowho Go Bokke!!! We love our boys in the green and gold! We took Jenni down

to Gateway one of my favorite shopping malls its about 1hr 10 min drive from our home to the parking at the shop, I just love it! Really just love it, oh I said that already but you are getting the idea that I really just love it. I had such fun with her we wanted to buy some baby things and then dad said he was worried when he looks how tight her pants where sitting round that tummy that is just starting to show, so we decided to concentrate on her clothing instead and bought a few cute outfits one of my favorites is a short denim dress that she can where over leggings or on its own with a cute little t shirt underneath. We then went to this fabulous wonderful glorious Greek restaurant we have seen it for a while now and every time we go to uMhlanga we say lets go try it, but finally on Saturday we did and we where totally blown away, first by the service then by the atmosphere and the d├ęcor its called Plaka the food was out of this world, I has Souvlakia, Fred and Mark Spark had T-bone steak which was so soft you could eat it right to the bone. Jen had chicken Pita and we both had halloumi cheese salad….yummy. We had pudding baklava mmmmmmmmmmmm! The price was so good we are taking friends there for a Greek Christmas lunch! Then we stopped for coffee by precious friends of ours Bradley and Merrewyn, she has got me hooked on a new product which is South African and I just can see such a change in my skin its called Jean Guthrie, I have always used Estee Laude but this product is so wonderful, I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I am loving it! She blessed Jen with some wonderful tissue oil cream that helps with any stretch marks and even with dry skin that she is really battling with. Kirsty stayed at home with some friends and their family we love her friends especially Corne great to have a friend that is so passionate for the Lord!
Sunday was a good day in the house to copy a phrase from my friend Deanna, Jakes preached on finishing strong, it was good and our son responded when there was a call for anyone needing ministry, he went straight to his dad and asked him to pray for him and he repented about his bad attitude, we have been battling for a while now with him and just the negativity that surrounds him, so we where just so thankful, we love the fact that he seeks his dad out for prayer and not anyone else, after church we had a 40th birthday party which was just wonderful, some one asked Mark why he asked his dad for prayer and not one of the pastors his reply brought tears to Fred’s eyes (not one given to tears if I might add) my dad is my hero and role model! Too precious for words! I am still tired beyond belief and that was just the weekend.

Monday was a long draining day I did not get much done as I was still so very tired! When beloved Fred got home last night, I cant believe how much I stress when he is on the road the reality for us living in South Africa is our crime and I could not get him on his mobile and I stared to stress knowing he was on a more rural area then normal, so was very thankful when he walked through the door last night. Then we where off to “Virgin Active” yes Dolla’s he has signed us up for gym… as you have read I am not one for gym etc quite scared actually, however I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.. We do all the application etc and then first Fred does all the answering of his medical background and bobs your uncle he is accepted…. Now it’s my chance and can you believe it …. You are going to get hysterical now…. Access denied…. In big red letters… I thought Lord are you trying to give me a sign that I cant go and gym have you granted me the prayer request don’t let me be exasperated! … I have to get medical clearance before I can be accepted. My blood pressure was sky high and that is why I have been feeling so exhausted… so off to my lovely Dr Hannes Naude I just love the way he makes you feel so at ease and makes you understand in common language what is going on in your body. I know that exercise will help to keep my blood pressure down as well as help me lose the weight I am needing to lose, but I am fearful that I will faint or something on that machine! I know it sounds silly but I am really battling, please keep me in your prayers!


melissa said...

I just marvel at how God is looking out for you: high blood pressure is not a good thing! and I can see how He revealed it at your gym application and you had to go to the doctors!! I really pray that you will regain your energy and just feel fantastic. Take care!

Janet said...

Debs, I really feel for you when I read this post. I know how long you have been struggling to get on top of your health - better part of a year! You are in my prayers and I trust for God's grace as you wrestle with all aspects of your health and find His strength IS sufficient.
1 Peter 4: 10 - 11

Pastor Lisa said...

Pray you're feeling better soon and your docs get the meds all straightened out.

Much love here in Houston...

Mindy said...

I will be praying for you!
In HIM -

wendy said...

Praying for you.