Monday, October 15, 2007


I feel as if I am not getting to really blog at the moment so I will just do nutshell versions… this time of the year seems to be one of getting ready for all sorts of functions that need attention now so that I will not be left out to become dry meat, after reading Deanna’s blog about her lists I have stolen her idea or shall I say I have incorporated it in my life style and it is working like a bomb… thanks Deanna.

So Friday was a day filled with lots of running around… I had to get all the supplies to take with us to the singles weekend away (well one night two days) I made enough potato salad to feed an army…. With all the supplies loaded and the cases Fred and I picked up one of the single ladies and made our track out of Empangeni and down to ST Lucia to Futululu Safari. We where the first to arrive so that gave me chance to put chocolates on everyone’s pillows and to unpack and put on my apron so that I can start cooking… Fred and I decided to go with to help our Pastors so that they did not have to wait on tables… this also gave Fred and I the excuse to have some alone time (mmmmm). While I was in the kitchen Fred was busy outside getting the fire ready to braai some meat lovely porterhouse steaks and sausage which we knew would go down well. As always I found someone that I could pay to do the washing of dishes as that is one job I hate the most in life… lol…. We all sat down to a hearty meal of steak sausage and potato salad, carrot salad, beetroot salad and a green salad, after the meal I served peaches and vanilla ice cream. Fred and I then made sure that the Milo and marshmallows where ready for when the first session of ministry had ended and then we politely and very quietly snuck away to our rooms where we pleasantly surprised by Alex and Michelle with a lovely snack pack of mags and chocolates and taste little treats, after a nice hot bath we where in our room and had some gooooood quality time… one draw back they had single beds and my Fred just said sorry my girl I don’t sleep alone so the two of us slept on a single bed it was quite romantic don’t you think……?

On to Saturday we where up at the sparrows and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise…. And good time in the word…. I love the amplified and the message…just felt such an out pour of Gods love on my life…. Then it was time for breakfast which was bacon and eggs and lots of fruit and yogurt … then Fred and I took Emily which is Jakes and Mel’s little girl and they are one of our Pastoral couples, with us to St Lucia and we played on the beach with her while the group carried on with some more sessions. Then we made some more food and left the camp site at 3 the afternoon I will post some pic as soon as I get them from our two photographers.
Fred and I came home to an empty home which was heaven as I lay on the couch had a chat to my mom caught up on family matters and then sat down at the computer and finished the announcements for Sunday meeting.

Sunday was a good day to be in the house… Alex preach on us going into a new season and I really believe for us as a family we are in a new season with no striving to be anything accept what we are doing right now… He spoke from Isaiah one of my favorite books in the bible and I came away feeling as if new wind had been blown in to my sails… when then took old friends of our for a meal in Mtunzini a wonderful town about 15min drive from us to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary don’t you think that is something to be honored, Trevor and Shirley we love you guys and thank you for been such a testimony to us, Trevor and Shirley where elders in our church where we pastured for a few years and have just become one of our closed and loved friends that we have. Then Fred was on the phone the for what seemed eternal… I was a bit annoyed I hate these silly little cell phones at times…. But when I got home I am so happy about them now… we got home quite late and Fred said no we first have to stop of at Cobus and Rene he had to pick up a package I just want to go home and clean up and bath and then to bed… well when we got inside who comes down the stair but a beautiful pregnant daughter of mine… yes that’s right Jen has come to visit for 2 whole weeks thanks my boy for letting your princess come visit her momma… so girls I am going to spoil and shop with my precious daughter have some good old fashion mom spoiling going on… so that has been my week end in a nutshell.