Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our darling Mark Spark wrote an exam entrance into a private school in Richards Bay and we have been praying for him to be one of the students they choose, he went there in the beginning of his primary school but we couldn’t keep him there due to several facts. He has been so unhappy in his present school and at the end of this year he graduates to high school that’s right no more primary school children in the Meyer household.

Last night Fred came home and after a delicious meal we where all in the kitchen doing dishes yes that’s right we where all doing dishes the boys verse the girls…. Dad then said he had something to discuss with Mark and mom and could not get Kirsty out of the room she is like a satellite dish always wants to know every thing in the house…. So after along talk to Mark about his attitude lately at school which really stinks at the moment…. He said I trust in your high school it’s going to change and just really stretched it out (boring) said but one thing is for sure we have a bright intelligent child on our hands….. And you guessed it he made it in to Richards bay Christian School… in our eyes the best school in Natal area there was a whole lot of crying and whooping going on in our home last night; even madam Kirsty was delight for her brother. Well done my boy so proud of you.
Marks reply to all of this was that in that school he always felt like a leader that he felt that the teachers always encouraged you to walk in the God destined plan and because of that you felt like going to school. One thing is his very best friend is there and we know that the friendship will take off from there again... we will let his friend know over the weekend, cant wait to see what happens... I am so grateful to God that we are able to afford sending him to this school and that they work on the strengths and weaknesses in each pupil, I can say that for the first time in 2 years I can sleep peacefully knowing Mark Spark will be happy at school again.

Love always me


Jen said...

Congrats. to Mark...such a relief when you know your kids are in great schools that will help them with these huge transitions.

Lady Melissa said...

Hello Deborah,

Congrats to Mark, I'm glad all worked out, I know you're excited and I rejoice with you - YIPPEE!!!!

Smile and lots of love

darla said...

Congrats Mark! Congrats on the parents who raise him. Love ya dolla had to check in!