Thursday, November 1, 2007

Health report back

A quick report back on my health: the diagnoses is that I have Candida which I now have to do a lifestyle change and please if anyone has info on this I would really love you to email me it to me. From the other test I have an ulcer and a hernia (hiatus hernia) Doctor has taken more blood tests to see how my thyroid is functioning with the new medication I started a month and a half ago. I am now looking like a pharmacy in the mornings with all the medication I need to take. I just want to praise Jesus that this is treatable and now we know that we are going to have to change some lifestyle decisions so that we as a family can be healthier. So please continue to hold me up in prayer because this fatigue has still not changed.


Pastor Lisa said...

I'm glad too sweetie! You're in my prayers.

Jen said...

Interesting that I would read this post this eve.
Today, while I was waiting to pick up one of my daughters from school, the radio station was talking about Candida which can affect children when there has been an over load of sugar. In kids it often shows in hyperactivity or even runny noses. Two natural remedies mentioned were to load up on yogurt..I'd heard that one before...the other was to load up on if you enjoy Greek food or something similar, now is the time!
Praying speedy recovery from Canada