Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was over reading one of my regular blog’s and Liza at the Preachers wife asked these questions so I thought I would give my 6 cents worth:

Do you have regular times away with your husband?
As you all know this is a second marriage for me and an only marriage for Fred. We have had children from the beginning so it was vital from the beginning for us to have regular times away as it was very important to the foundation of our marriage. We do believe that we never stop dating even though we are married. So many times married people get into a rut, they think they should stop courting and making time for each other. Fred and I have a date night on a Friday night and get quiet grumpy if something does come up and we cant go but then we just reschedule like this Friday we are having a cocktail evening for the ladies group in our church. I will only be home at 9 so we are going to have a DVD night and just relax even if the children are there but come next Friday there is no stopping us from doing what we enjoy best time alone together.. We also try once a term to go away for a weekend or even longer the longer one we have not managed recently as live has just been too hectic. Our love life is very important and as Fred says it starts at the breakfast table and carries on until its just the two of us alone in our room or where ever ;)

* Have a hard time with leaving the kids behind?
In the beginning because they where small but after about 2 months they where fine and so was I, we laughed the other day when Jen was home she said now that she is in a relationship and a baby on the way she can understand all the fuss about the date night and how important it is to have a happy home! I asked her why she said that her words made sense to me “mom when you and dad have not had your date night you both are so grumpy” as much as its hard to leave the kids behind it is important to the well being of ones home. Children recover much quicker then we do so stop stressing they will be fine with a sitter or friends which I think is better for them to be with your friends.

* Learned this lesson the hard way?
Yes I did and that is why when Fred and I got married we chose not to make the same mistakes I did in my first marriage, speaking to my ex husbands wife the other night (we are friends and I love her) she said that is one thing that they have learnt from Fred and I and that is our date nights where its just us and the whole world can dissolve around us we wouldn’t even notice.

* Don't understand what all the fuss is about?
The person that doesn’t understand should go and read what my friend Deanna said on her blog about putting husbands first read here:

All I can say its important to connect with your man outside the daily life you live… its important the best thing you can do for your children is love your husband and DATE HIM!!!!!!!


The Preacher's Wife said...

Loved your thoughts on this Debra...

I'm just catching up on my reading from vacation....have you had your tests already? Any reports?

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