Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I found this on Pastor L blog:

This picture of me is at a 21st fancy dress I was a Belly dancer. no belly showing!lol

10 Favorites...

Favorite Color:--- Pink

Favorite Food:--- Seafood (my prawn dish is amazing even if I say so myself!)

Favorite Song:--- So many. But I must say I like old songs, like the ones, maybe for this one “when a man loves a woman”.

Favorite Movie:--- Depends on my mood. I like good psychological movies, but also good old chick flicks and comedy – newest one “because I said so”
Favorite Sport:--- mmmm not sure European football. Too busy having life to watch sport if I had to be very honest.

Favorite Season:--- Spring. Everything is beautiful the new buds the smell of fresh rain the wonderful cool crisp evenings, but there is a certain smell in the air that reminds me of first kisses and holidays.

Favorite Day Of the Week:--- Friday - my date night with my darling Fred (mmm we have missed 3 not good at all, but we will fix that this Friday evening.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:--- only lately have I found an ice cream I like at our deli called cookies and caramel, I am sold, first for me because I am not an ice cream fan but this is defiantly become my favorite.

Favorite Time of Day --- early evening, the most power sunsets that just show me the glory of Jesus and I love it.

Favorite Word:--- Dolla, when I speak to any friend that word I use the most.

9 Currents...

Current Mood:--- tired...cant wait for my holiday to start. 12 more sleeps.

Current Taste:--- Any white clothing really love the whole Mediterranean coloring at the moment crisp white and ocean blue

Current Clothes:--- three quarter navy blue track pants and jacket with pink white and blue t shirt, its 9:18am here so my day is starting.

Current Desktop Picture:--- pink and orange daisies to remind me of my dolla friend that was in the UK but is home now so I guess I can change it now.

Current Toenail Color:--- bright pink.

Current Time:--- 9:20am

Current Surroundings:--- our office

Current Annoyance(s):--- Not connecting with my dolla friends as I am on a over booked schedule, needing time to get my home sorted before we go on leave and me not learning to say NO.

8 Firsts...

First Best Friend:---Lana Cars tens.

First Kiss:--- honestly I can’t remember.

First Screen Name:--- Dee

First Pet:--- Skippy, black terrier that was deformed crawled on her front paws.

First Piercing:--- my ears, at the beginning of 1st grade

First Crush:--- My geography teacher in grade 8

First Music:--- something from the sixties and Latin my mom and dad where Latin American dancers.

First Car:--- White VW like herbie

7 Lasts.....

Last Cigarette:--- Never had a first!!!

Last Drink:--- Had a glass of wine last Christmas and felt God say that is the last and have never had anymore, just my decision nothing else and I can’t place my conviction on anyone else that is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Last Car Ride:--- coming to work this morning which I guess I could walk if I had to but it’s not practical at the church as I do need to pop out every now and then
Last Kiss:--- as I was leaving the house My bull was at the gates in his pj’s mmm me thinks I should go home, and he lent in and kissed me good bye again through the window.

Last Movie Seen:--- because I said so. I laught so much I was crying

Last Phone Call:--- Michelle

6 Have You Evers....

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: I married him :o).

Have You Ever Broken the Law:--- Yes got the fine to prove it, not wearing a safety belt.

Have You Ever Been Arrested:--- nope

Have You Ever Skinny Dipped:--- now that will be telling but I have to admit Yes Yes Yes with my bull mmmmmm.

Have You Ever Been on TV:--- no, not yet...

Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know:--- nope

5 Things....

5 Things You're Wearing: -- pants, shirt, shirt , earrings, shoes

5 Things You've Done Today:- woke up, had a cuddle, showered, read, went to church office.

5 Things You Can Hear Right Now:-- me typing, one of our pastors singing. cars going, birds in the tree outside my office window and the computer going

5 Things You Do When Your bored: Sleep! eat! phone! most sleep though

4 Places You've Been To...

1. --- Botswana, beautiful!!!

2. --- Swaziland.

3. --- Mozambique

4. --- Cape town beautiful is an understatement.

3 People You Can Tell Anything To...

1. --- Fred

2. --- Jani-may

3. --- Yvette

2 Choices...1. Black or White:--- White2.

Hot or Cold:--- mmmmmm interesting do I really have to choose!!!

1 Wish...1. --- to move to USA


Jen said...

Love getting to know a little bit more about you and your world!
I have been wondering, is "Dolla" a word from an African language? Does it translate, or is it more of an expression?