Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Girls what a week we have had, first of all we had no internet accesses for a week so no blogging and then I have had one function after the next but I really enjoyed it. Let’s start with the fact that I have two teenagers on school holidays and a mom that is working at the church which equals lots of telephone calls to complain and the holidays are not even in full swing!

Tuesday evening we have our usual home group or care group, it amazes me every time I go and I watch the same people speaking and almost watch the other people going off into their own space. However we have amazing cell leaders and they just find away to get the quieter ones to speak even if it’s after the meeting has ended. I so appreciate the fact that Coobs and Rene always open their home week after week come rain or shine, always met with a good mug of coffee or a wonder cup of tea and there is always something sweet to go with it, and I know we don’t say this enough to them but they are so loved by all of us.

Wednesday was one of those days where I needed to be 3 people instead of 1, me, myself and I if only I could part them in someway that would help. We have our prayer service on a Wednesday evening and I go not because I have to but because I want to I love the fact that we can pray into situations and that we can rejoice with people when situations are resolved like “WE HAVE CHURCH PROPERTY” PRAISE THE LORD!!! Then I had our Mark sparks prize giving which took preference over prayer meeting, this is his last year in junior school and will be going to high school come 2008! He received to distinctions one in technology and the other in languages (Zulu) I am so proud of him, way to go my boy!

Then we went to my book club Christmas dinner, I love these girls they are so wise and so well traveled and just wonderful girls to hang around with, we chose to buy presents for an orphanage that cares for aids orphans and so collect enough that each child will receive a gift and some nice sweets. These girls are older then I am but I find their friendship so fulfilling none of them attend my church so I can just let my hair down and feel free to just be me, with no eyes rolling. Not that everyone does that at my church it’s just a different group of girls that I hang with! It was so nice to have our husbands with us at this book club which we share a great meal and lots of wine (not me) but the fun and laughter is so good, and they are so sweet to always make sure there is juice for me, thanks girls love you lots!

Then Thursday morning we had our North coast Ministers end year function, so we where busy setting up and making sure there where loads of yummy foods for the ministers to eat. Nothing nicer then a good day to braai (barbeque) and have good fellowship these men and woman work hard all year round the least we can do is make a fuss of them and pray most important of all.

And Thursday evening was my normal ladies meeting (I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!) had a good time! God is so good! Beth spoke on rejection and I know that it touched the girl’s hearts boy did God deal with some of our rejection issues but praise God He is healing us and make us whole in the mighty name of Jesus. This is a whole blog on its own!
Friday morning was an early start for me, 3:30 I got up and prepared breakfast for the men’s meeting at 5:30am as this was the last one for the year and they wanted to do something special for them. We made crumpets (thanks Rene) and scramble eggs and crisp fried bacon, you assemble it crumpet, scramble eggs and crisp fried bacon placed across the top it’s delicious. We had yogurt and lovely fresh muffins (thanks Janet) fresh fruit juice, coffee and lots of good conversation I am sure.

Then Saturday was a day of great rejoicing Moses one of our pastors has eventually got married, if you have never been to a Zulu marriage its quite something, the wedding started at 10 am the bride arrived or should I say the brides father arrived at 11:30 the wedding only got underway at about 12 then we had not one but maybe 4 ministers share it was very long but very funny, we heard that a fat wife is a good wife, ( I must be a excellent wife with the weight that is not moving) as you can see from this photo that Wendy took thanks wends for this photo,

Sunday all I can say right now I am still coming to terms with what took place but that is a whole blog on it own let’s just say mom bear has take over from me!