Monday, December 10, 2007

Saturday at the Meyer's

Its Saturday evening, my Fred and Mark spark are watching a movie together the third for the weekend and I am in my bed going over some things for tomorrows meeting listening to a worship cd as I start to relax for the evening. its amazing how photos and music can bring back such wonderful memories and I came across this cd with some photos that where take of fred and I when we had been out of ministry for about a year and a Christian magazine called Joy did an article on me, they had someone take photos of us and then only used one of the photos but we had such fun taking them. This part of the beach is called pelican island and we love to come with our kids to this beach and just play in the water, this has been a place where I have shed many tears and also had many hours of joy and delight swimming with my fred just been held in his arms as the sea sweeps over us, this is how I feel when I listen to good worship just been held in the Fathers arms as the Holy Spirit just sweeps over me, filling me with such joy and praise for Jesus, Jesus is so worthy of all praise,.

We had breakfast with one of our Pastoral couples Mark and Cindy and where just so spoilt and Paul and Nicky where there as well and it was so nice to get to know this couple a little better, after spending most of the morning with them we went Christmas shopping for Kirsty-pies and Mark Sparks gifts, we had such fun picking and choosing their gift they have both worked so hard at school this year and we wanted to get them each a special gift this year and Freddels and I just both had an idea and when we sat down at Zac’s we both had the same gifts in mind, I just love this man of mine that take so much interest in his kids and knows their characters so well, after we had some thing to eat we went and got their gifts and had them wrapped at the same time as we knew Mark Spark was still home and that he would see what we had bought so the wrapping is not like I do it I make such a big thing about wrapping my gifts I think sometimes that brings me greater delight then the gift its self. Then we decided just to take a look at our local baby shop just to see what we can dress our soon to be here grand baby boy and walked out with his cot that we have bought for Christmas for him even though he is not even born yet but nana wants him to have a nice place to sleep in and keeping with the whole Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) theme we bought a orange and gray camping cot that adjusts as he grows it has a beautiful changing table that fits on top of the cot and I know that he is going to have sweet beautiful sleep in the cot that Paw Paw and Nana chose for him. I pray that this little boy will have big dreams and live them all out not missing one dream that he has for his life…. I am so excited I can wait to have this tender little life in my arms.

I also got my Christmas present early well the whole of November has been on Christmas present after the next, for many years of living in church homes we have our own home but I have never bought paintings that I love for my home I have always been given and at the time I was very thankful for the paintings but they where not always my taste I really love sunsets and so I love that coloring of the vibrant oranges and sunny yellows with the passionate reds, I also love African art which can be abstract at times, and that is what my darling fred has done he has bought me 3 paintings two still need to be framed they are not abstract but of pots and once they are framed I will share the picture with you, this one is my favorite and they have just done it on a mounted canvas but I love the picture and because we received a prophetic word over Mark Sparks life that he would one day play guitar for the Lord this painting means even more for me, I just love sitting in my lounge having a look over at the dinning room and seeing this it brings me such joy. From now on I will be blogging with lots of pictures because I got another gift which we have chosen for us this Christmas Fred and I have chose that at Christmas time we will buy things for the home that we both want and will enjoy and besides the paintings he has bought us a camera so girls get ready for picture document of our life….. there is still more I saw this beautiful pots at our local nursery that would just cover a bare spot in our garden and wow my hunny just took my wind out when he got these for me too. I feel so spoilt even though I have them all before Christmas I feel so overwhelmed at the spoiling that he is doing and I know that he loves to do so and would do even more as he said today if we weren’t saving for my trip to New Zealand in June. I love this man not because he buys me gifts but because he is my gift from God, how I love him. Anyway time to cuddle up with my gentle giant and sleep tomorrow awaits with a song in my heart as we go into His House, I so love to be in the house praising with my brother and sisters in Christ, I am in expectation for the service. And Kirsty-pie comes home from her week away with “live the life” so we have lots of catching up to do and know that she has had an awesome time, one peek preview she prayed for a young guy to receive the Holy Spirit and was so over the moon when he started speaking in other tongues praise you Jesus you are so faithful, I know that this has built her faith.