Wednesday, February 6, 2008


What an honour to be married to this man! As you all know if you read my post below that we preached in Bethlehem, I have had various opportunities to speak at ladies breakfast, luncheons and a few ladies conventions, however when Fred stepped down from the pulpit September 2003 he vowed never to step foot in a pulpit again, I will never know the heartache he has been through as a man, but one thing I do know God will not be mocked if He calls you, that call will always be with you!

Sunday night was a historical night for me as the vow made was laid aside, my darling man stood there at first hesitant but once the anointing started to flow, WOW WOW WOW, God is amazing. I am so proud I am bursting at the seams, I could not get my smile any wider if I tried, I could not amen enough as he preached, it just looked so right this man of mine in front of a pulpit preaching and teaching because he is a teacher of the word!

There was no nervous fidgeting or stumbling just a man so enjoying teaching. He spoke on a spirit of excellence and did a diagram with the people; I am so in awe of what came out of his mouth, I give God all the glory! I have a peace in my heart that no matter where God takes us He will sustain us for His Glory. I know this is the beginning of great things as doors open for us to minister together, it was so much fun to tandem preach, he was so wonderful when he was finished he asked me to come and speak on what we had shared at home once he had finished reading me his sermon I felt to add something and he would not hear of himself taking credit for something God had shown me this man is so humble! I just love him so dearly.

I feel as if we have won a great victory!!!!!!!


Jen said...

God SOOOO blesses, honors and anoints our obedience...more so, when it comes as such a sacrifice.
God, knows the heart of your Fred, yet He knows the plans for him to be blessed to be a blessing.

May there be an abundance of healing through Fred's obedience to the Lord that He loves enough to step out even while in pain.

I love your post on the prophetic as well...In North America, the prophetic has almost been lost so many times because of abuses...both to and from the prophet....yet God will not be silenced. I watch as He raises up a spirit of excellence and impeccable character in His current prophets...and I see that he is again being glorified in and through this gift.
Bless yo as you are a part of this move on your continent.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh, Deborah. I am so happy Fred had this opportunity. I am reminded of Jeremiah with a fire in his bones that just could not be quenched.

Much love to you friend! ;)


Pastor Lisa said...

Cyberscream! Tell Fred welcome back! I know you're happy! And truth be told, he's probably happy too. It probably felt like a coming home of sorts. Like this is what I was meant/born to do!