Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Great King your bride is an army! Is a line from a song we sing at church, this weekend was awesome words can not express what I am feeling on the inside. How great is our King and Father, how can I describe His faithfulness and power I stand in awe of who He is.

I said to Rene as we where getting me wired for sound, I am so nervous and the day I stop been nervous is the day I will never minister again. For the last three years I have never ministered prophetically because of various reasons, which I am not going to discuss here. This would have to be a blog all on its own. I have continued to use the gift that God has given me but more on a one to one basis and not in the church as a whole. So there I stood first having to teach on the office of a prophet and the spirit of Prophecy and the gift of prophecy, (I am not a teacher by nature) I am so passionate about the body of Christ, all I want to see is people walking in there destiny, I want to teach them to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd that they don’t need a prophet to speak to them and tell them what to do but rather to confirm what God has already spoken to them!

I have seen the body of Christ so hurt by the abuse of this gifting and all I asked the Father was use me as an instrument to teach Your bride how not to be abuse or abuse others by the miss use of the prophetic!

The lifestyle of some one called to the prophetic should be the following and this is where I feel the body has been abuse when a prophet is not doing the following:

1. Slow to suspect – quick to trust
2. Slow to condemn – quick to justify
3. Slow to expose – quick to shield
4. Slow to belittle – quick to appreciate
5. Slow to hinder – quick to help
Slow to resent – quick to forgive

How many times I have seen people prophecy thus says the Lord and then to read it from Elijah’s list or find out that the person was privy to a conversation about some one! Ezekiel 13 warns us about these prophets!

I feel so honored to have been used again in a total prophetic weekend, so blessed to see people moved by how much God loves them!