Sunday, February 17, 2008


Amongst the African sunset we celebrated valentine’s day a bit late but was worth the wait. The planning has been a long time in the making and with the fact that we don’t have our own church building yet we are always having to find venues to do things in. the Amble Inn has just finished building a conference venue, with the most beautiful outdoor dining area.

Rene and I went the afternoon to do some touch up with red roses and red pebbles that were placed in a dish holding floating candles. The sun was setting as the people started to arrive we have about 36 leaders of which 30 where able to join us.

The girls looked wonderful all dressed up in their cocktail and evening wear, which for Zululand is something as most days its too hot even to wear normal sandals and all seem to live in flip-flops. The colors of the dresses ranged from beautiful reds to sophisticated black to gentle peach to shimmering silvers the ladies looked so wonderful. My passion is to see women come into their full beauty and to make every opportunity a time for the girls to dress up.

Our Senior Pastor Alex van Laren spoke out of Psalm 126: 1-2 “….we were like men who dreamed, our mouths were filled with laughter our tongues were filled with songs of joy…” he asked us as leaders to dream over our marriages to have our mouths filled with laughter and our tongues with songs of joy. Fred and I couldn’t agree more, we think it is so important that couples have big dreams for their marriages. I know our dream for our marriage and some of it I think will just remain between the two of us but other dreams are that our marriage will always be a testimony of the wonderful Father we serve and what He brings forth in our marriage. We dream of traveling together and living overseas. Our big fun dream is riding a Harley Davidson across the Grande canyon. I always joke and say I need pink leathers for that one. We just love looking up and planning a wonderful fun marriage month doing that. I really feel very passionate about this that we all have different dreams in our marriage and some are serious and some are light hearted but its very important to us to have them.

We danced the night away in true Michael Bubler style under the African skies it was truly a spectacle evening of romance and fun. This year we are planning a lot of romance as Fred is working away from home again and we only have the weekends together, so lots of loving going on in our house. (grin)

This picture is of our Precious friends Coobs and Rene.