Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is the first weekend that Fred has been off since our arrival in Pretoria and we decided to spoil the family and we went off to Goldreef city it was such a blast. I am not to partial to rides as I have a fear of heights and just very scared to ride on these high roller coasts however I think that Fred has missed his calling in life he should have become a fighter pilot because the higher the more turns and tummy turning rides he is on them. I get on to the ferrous wheel and at the top I am holding the middle pole crying oh Lord Jesus help me, it feels as if I am dying, why did I do this why did I do this. No answer from heaven but Mark said, “Mom it’s because your such a cool mom, don’t worry you won’t fall if you sit still “with a wicked smile on his face.

Kirsty and her dad are cut from the same cloth they love these rides and have arranged with Andre and his daughter Cherae to go together as they all love the same things. Mark and myself and Yvette will go for a massage or something along that line. Mark will rather go ice-skating then the theme park. We had breakfast at wimpy which was divine as usual. We left late yesterday afternoon and then headed over to André and Yvette for some lovely sausage on a bun it, was good to get together with people that are so like minded.
We had a good laugh we are all ex pastors and our children have some typical PK syndrome tendencies, so all round was a goooooood visit. Did I say that we just love this couple!!!!

Love always Me


Jen said...

Oh it's sounds like a terrific mini-vacation...I am happy God blessed you with this time together with friends and family...great memory making.
I have to say, I LOVE the roller coasters. Having spent 10 years with at least one child that was too young for these rides....on the rare opportunity that we got to a theme park...I was in kiddyland. A couple of years ago, I helped to supervise a band trip for my oldest son to "Canada's Wonderland"...our largest theme park.
I wasn't sure if I would like the roller coasters still, but jumped on one anyway....the scariest one in the park mind you. My son laughed the whole time as I SCREAMED my way through.I LOVED IT!
I did discover, I can't do spinny rides though...I get motion sick very easily.