Sunday, April 13, 2008


Tonight we are going to visit a church that I have longed to visit for the past 5 years, I preached at a conference with the pastor’s wife and have said for the longest time I want to visits this church.
So tonight is a vision come true we are going to “RIVERS CHURCH” the senior pastoral couple is Andre and Wilma Olivier. I will post about it when we get back I am so excited I can explain it but I feel like life is coming back to my weary heart. (Long story) and also not for the net! I can’t wait did I say that again. Tonight I want to be there early and enjoy every part of this church you can go over and visit them here. Just check out their woman’s ministry site!!!! (((Hug))) I would do cartwheels if I could so in my spirit I am doing them!!!!!!!

So dollas I will check back and give a gooooooooood report.

Love alway Me


Jen said...

Oh I hope you were BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED!!!!

My 6' 5"baby boy is coming home in just a few hours....I will sigh a GIANT sigh when i can give him a big mommy hug!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debs

Do enjoy I have checked out their website looks very interesting I am thinking of registering for their Woman of Africa conference in Sep. Love ya lots keep up the blogging it so encourages my life. Malawi