Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We are all settled

We are finally moved and the house is sorted all the furniture on the right spots , quite an adjustment from a big 4 bedroom house with flat let to a small estate, but dollas its beautiful from the granite top finishing in the kitchen to the beautiful oak buff painted walls to the built in braai. This is just what we have needed. I feel so different, Kirsty and I ventured out on our own this morning down to the local mall which looks like our old big mall.
We have gone from a small coastal town to one of the largest cities in South Africa, the cars look like millions of ants in peek traffic. This morning as I was just preparing for today, I sang to the Lord an old song give thanks with a grateful heart and this is how I truly feel. Even though I will miss the people dearly that are in Empangeni, I know this is a season of great spiritual awakening for me, we stood in the post office this morning and one of the gentleman said, I believe in miracles and I want to shout out yes amen, but smiled politely and said I agree. My heart is so full of thankfulness to the Lord.
So starts a season of newness for all of the Meyer clan, the kids off to new schools with new friends to meet, us a new church and social crowd, we are looking forward to visiting new churches and finding a home where we can serve. We are praying for a place of worship where the kids will fit in and enjoy Godly friendships.
Tonight we are going to see friends of ours that live about 45 min away, she is one of those friends that when you leave her you feel inspired to change everything in your life, I am looking forward to adjusting things in our lives to make us all healthier and happier. Praise the Lord for this new season. Even though we are going into winter season here in South Africa I know that I am going into a spring season in my life.

Love always Me


Jen said...

I've missed you, glad you are all settled and feeling at peace in your new surroundings.
New beginnings are exciting....knowing that God is doing something, yet not quite knowing what that will look like in the end.
Blessings on your "Spring"!
The little Prince is BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely adore babies, as does my oldest daughter....he would be squeezed and kissed a lot in my home.

By the way, your hair looks WONDERUL!!!!

Deanna Shrodes said...

I am so excited for you. This is a new wonderful chapter in your life. I am so happy for you!

I love you!