Sunday, April 27, 2008


This week end has been great with our little tiger coming to visit. We had a wonderful time with him sleeping between nana and gramps. It’s quite a thing with him not sleeping through I have forgotten what it feels like to have broken sleep. My Fred and I are worried about the little mamma as she is very pale she is breast feeding and Kyrone has doubled his birth weight within 2 months we think she has full cream!
Yesterday we celebrated an early birthday for my Fred his birthday is tomorrow and we are meeting with precious friends of ours that really speak into our married life, they have been married for as long as we have been here on earth, they are our sex therapists!
Last night we Invited two different friends over for a barbeque they have never met before so was not sure if all was going to flow together but it was wonderful, we are all ministry people and we just chatted as if we have been together forever. Fred and I are so blessed to have good friends.
On the side of weight loss its been a difficult week for me with the children coming to visit, Freds birthday but I am going to gym tomorrow and will work off some of the not allowed foods I eat this weekend. Its my goal to be at goal weight before my daughters wedding in September cant wait!
We sat down with them and made all the plans for the wedding! For those who are new to my blog our daughter has had a baby out of marriage and her and dad are getting married in September. The wedding is going to be lime green and white, its also going to be a champagne breakfast as she is wanting to get married in the morning and then little tiger is coming home with gramps and I for a week while they go on honeymoon, when we meet with our special friends tomorrow I am going to ask her to make a honeymoon box for my daughter, she has a box that she puts together so that you have all the things you don’t think to have when you first get married,
Chocolate body paint
Massage oil
A game
And everything you need to have lots of fun.Come to think of it I should get some made for all my dolla’s that I know will enjoy a box like that!

Love always me


Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful planning is so much fun, I love the idea of a champagne breakfast.

The honeymoon box sounds like LOADS of fun!