Thursday, April 24, 2008


As I has said in my previous post that I would be doing “memoires of a fast fading fatty” so here goes;
As I survive my new surrounding in the town I live in the women here are very conscious of their bodies not in an unhealthy way but in a way that makes you take a good look at yourself and decide these little (huge) extras that I am carrying have to go, its like carrying a suite case full of babies where every you go and can I add they are screaming at your clothes all the time let me out, and at times when you stretch to reach for that chocolate bar the one managers to escape and the bulge comes screaming out of your shirt exposed to the world a fat roll.
So with this in mind I march off to one of the advertised free sessions and meet Maggie, well trimmed no bulges but the sweets girl you will ever meet! She explains that there is no needles used (thank you Lord for small miracles) there is no tablets to be taken it are just a well balanced lifestyle… that speaks to my brain somewhere.
She hands me this tiny gown and says strip, I am expecting the strobe lights to start flashing and some sultry music to begin, but alas its just me and the tiny gown, feeling a little exposed say half the body wont fit into the gown, in her sweet voice, “come long Deb’s time to weigh in” now I go from feeling like a show girl to a heavy weight boxing contender! I feel as if I am doing the death row walk each step seems to take eternity to get there, the fat is conversing with each other they start to shake and scream run away we don’t need to be weighted!
But I conquer the screaming brats and climb on to the scale I hold my breath, and then let it go maybe if I hold it in it will make me weigh more! The numbers start to climb my mind goes numb, I want to run away, its gone to 3 digits I feel my heart start to palpitate what happens if I weigh more then Fred please dear Lord let me keep my dignity of at least weighing less then him, slow the numbers come down, shoo the scale starts to make sense again, I am still in 2 digit numbers (remember we weigh in Kilograms here) but the result is I can still be a heavy weight contender in the next boxing match.
We sit down, Maggie in her cute little uniform me in my exposed little gown. We speak about my life style my dream weight and all that the girls normally talk about when you go to one of these weight loss groups, remember I am an old dieter, I know all there is to know but somehow I cant put it into practice. Maggie has a natural ability to make one want to lose weight so, I join my eating plan tucked into my purse, tell your friends she says they will support you, okay I say and under my breath on my blog o yes, girls come join me on this journey once again and for the last time, in my memoires of a fast fading fatty!

Love always me


Jen said...

I am here for you, and when you start to see change from your new eating habits, share the results but also what you are doing, maybe there is a key there for some of us.

By the way, I sooooo hate stepping on scales for Dr.'s etc....or even having to say the number out loud....AAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Miraculous results and resolve for Deborah, Lord.

Darla said...

I am dieting too, but please don't be so hard on are beautiful, and I am sure God is smiling at you...I miss talking to you..and hope to get more in touch soon...1 more week til my daughters wedding..I am losing my mind!