Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Do we serve an awesome God, or what?
A company has offered me a position, which is wonderful you might say but listen to the story first then you tell me how unbelievable the Lord is and what an awesome sense of humor He has, as you are now all well aware I am on a lifestyle changing journey and have joined a group that helps girls lose weight, so you might say get to the point!
Well this group has offered me a position as their area manager as they love my ability to motivate others in the group and also like the idea that I do public speaking, so on Thursday I will be joining my first meeting with the regional manager (who by the way will be weighing me in every Thursday from now on) talk about pressure. Lol. I had to laugh as the girls have to be about 11 pounds with in reach of their goal weight and I am about 59pounds away from that! Totally awesome God I serve thank you Jesus thank you!
So my dear dollas do you understand how amazing God is, I will have a group of girls to mentor and that is what I do best, love the idea of bring change that makes dolla’s want to reach their destiny. One thing that is a wow I can work from home and once the groups are finished I can head home and be with the children.
I would appreciate any ideas on mentoring girls so please feel free to email me.
I just want to say Our God Rocks!
Love always me


Mindy said...

CONGRATS!!! That is awesome an yes - Our God Rocks!!!!!
in HIM -