Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today as I drove to my first meeting (official) weigh-less meeting I looked at the cars and the people in them, well I have never seen such a bunch of weary looking people, most of the men where on their mobiles and the ladies well it’s a sorry state of affairs, I trust that my giggling did not confuse to many people, even the lady at the toil gate was not smiling so I put on my best dolla voice and said have a fabulous day, she first looked at me then a smile spread she said do you realize you are the first person to greet me and wish me a good day, its so heart sore to hear that what is the world coming to what does it take from us to be friendly.
So I arrive at the meeting the lady that I am taking over from has her hands full with twins of two, so I can understand that a lot of her targets have not been met, one thing I can praise the Lord about is what ministry has taught me about relationships the good and the bad. The girls think I am so cute and all I am doing is implementing the lessons I have been taught, (praise God for all good things in ministry). The one thing that really stood out for me was that they are don’t know what it is to build together as team and to motivate by personal relationships, all I want to scream at them was Girls its all about RELATIONSHIPS.
So I start 1 June and I said, with 18 group leaders, which are all having meetings at different venues these will be my girls I can’t wait to meet them and mentor them and motivate them to reach the potential that is in them. We can all do with motivation and mentorship in our lives. Jesus mentored His twelve and I believe it’s the call of every child of God to first be mentored and then to mentor,
In relationship we have to have balance just like any other area of our lives, when we embark on any relationship we need to analyze where we find ourselves are we leading or are we been lead, if you are only leading then there is a problem as you cant not be taught the word say that very much so in timothy that we should have a teach able spirit. If you are only following there is also a problem as we should be maturing and not just being on milk. We had a precious teacher of the word that has gone home to be with the Lord, he would tell those always complaining about the word been taught that he would give them the meat of the word but for their sakes he had to give it in purity form as their immature stomachs could not take the full word. I know it’s harsh but sometimes we need to take the lead.
I really want to encourage you all to look at your friendships and if all you are doing is leading find someone that you can learn from and have a teach able spirit. If all you are doing is following also find someone that will believe in you and teach you to lead.

I want to encourage you all to give flowers to everyone while they are still alive, in that I mean lets appreciate one another and acknowledge the precious folk around us.
Love always Me


Jen said...

Such an encouraging reminder...thank you for that.

Darla said...

Hey Dolla!! you are fabulous!!! and I do tell people to have a fantabulous day when going through toll booths too! I love you sooo much, and have been thinking about you..I think I am going to send you an email!!!