Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today in a very cold Pretoria I want to start my series of interviews with women that are in ministry, I just felt that these women (dolla’s) as I have got to know them either by their blog or email or in person are so like minded and set on fire for our Savior. They are the hero’s of faith today. One thing that I have noticed about them is that they all mentor women and as any of you who know me that is something that is close to my heart.
As I begin with each one I will give you my description of them and then we will proceed with their interview, I will also provide you with a link to their blog site, please go over and visit them and leave a comment or two for them, I would love it if each one that visits my blog would go over and encourage them as might women of God to continue stead fast in this race that God has set before them.
If there is any other ministers or pastors wives that you feel you would like me to interview drop me an email and I will contact them for an interview.
love always me


Denise said...

Such a nice interview.

Jen said...


I LOVE this idea....sometimes in this great big world we can get so immersed in our own little world, I personally, find it very refreshing to see what God is doing in and thorough all you other wonderful ladies, some in places I have never been.
Bless you and each of the ladies we get the privilege of getting to know a wee bit better after these interviews.

Thanks for stopping in and your sweet truly are an encouragemnent!
I am in transition, though my God is so good and so faithful...thanks for asking.

Love from Canada

Deborah said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love your idea with the interviews. It is so encouraging to hear from others who are also involved in ministry.

Blessings to you!

LAURIE said...

I enjoyed your interview with Deanna, she is one of my favorite and regular blogsites I visit. What a wonderful idea of honoring such great women of God! - Blessings, Laurie

Lady Melissa said...

I love the idea - it's good to recognize "Women in Ministry". The interviews are nice along with some helpful info and ideas.