Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Before I start my series on woman in ministry where I will be interviewing a few precious anointed woman of God, I thought I would tell you what my Fred and I have been up to.
For along time now we have been discussing our marriage and marriage in general, what we see works and unfortunately what we see that doesn’t work. We are firm believers of date nights and family days and doing things as families, however we felt that we had fallen into that old married couple syndrome where we do live and not live life.
We get up, chat a while bath get dressed, take the kids to school, go to work, come home cook dinner, go to church…. But us what are we doing that makes us laugh, that connects our soul to each other?
Date night is one night where we connect on a social base either on our own or with another couple and don’t get me wrong here I love them but have felt we are doing same old same old dinner or movie then home.
So as you all now I am starting to work for a company that works with the holistic approach to wellness. One of the ladies told me that she and her husband have joined a social dance group…. This got me thinking why cant we do that we think we dance okay… and what a wonderful place to meet new people, Fred and I love to encourage people in their marriages and what a better field then where married couples go dancing.
As you all might know by now I love to dress up! Years ago I did ballet and my teacher always wore this beautiful black wrap dress that skimmed over her body at the top and then flared to just on her knee, I loved her look with her hair tied back in a French roll and just looked beautiful down to the hoop earring she wore, a few years ago I found a dress like that and I just had to buy it, now that I have lost some weight I am able to wear it, and last night was the perfect night to wear it with the hair in a French roll and my hooped earrings and there you have it I was ready for strictly come dancing!
When we arrived it did look very social, but the moment the music started and the instructor and his wife opened the dance floor I said to Fred this is not social this is a full on ballroom class, and you guessed it that is what it is, this is a Christian man that felt God has told him to give up one evening a week to teach people to dance at a minimal rate to what the other studios charge so all you give is a donation (God is so Good). Fred and I have always thought we where fairly good dancers well last night we learnt that we suck at dancing, we have learnt bad habits and that to the world it looks like we can dance right but in reality we are only playing the fool, something a lot of us do in every area of our lives but that is a whole different blog.
Last night we where taught the basic of a good waltz and the quick step. Its so elegant and graceful, I felt like a princess, except when we where falling over our feet and laughing uncontrollably at each other, but we came away relaxed and knowing that this is one of those things we are going to pursue and one day we will be able to elegantly waltz and quick step and foxtrot, tango etc…. when last have you danced?
Love always me
P.S. tomorrow I start my series on interviews with mighty woman of God please tune in its going to be a real treat!


Jen said...

The dance class sounds wonderful and congrats on losing weight and being able to wear something you feel beautiful in!!!!

Pastor Lisa said...

This sounds like so much fun! I so want to do this with my hubby. I'm going to start looking to see what's nearby! What a wonderful date night!

Denise said...

This sounds so fun, congrats to you dear one.