Sunday, June 29, 2008


Deanna over at Lifetime Intimate Portrait tagged me the other day with this meme, so here I go:
1) What were you doing ten years ago?

We where associate pastors in a Pentecostal church in Welkom in the Free State to think Jenni was 11 and Kirsty was 5 and Mark 4.

2) Name five things on today's "to do" list:

Tidy my Cupboard in my bedroom

Go to gym tomorrow morning

Have all my reports in by 10 tomorrow

Grocery shop

this I cant put on the web :) .......

3) Things I'd do if I was a billionnaire...

So much! I'd bless and give to my children, my church, friends, missionaries, and I would minister all over the world to churches that cant afford to have minister in to come an preach, and bless those couples leading those churches beyond measure!

4) Three bad habits:

Emotional eating at times

Emotional shopping (when I cant afford it, haven’t done it in awhile)

Raising voice when I'm angry at times

5) Five places I've lived:

Johannesburg, South Africa

Cape town, South Africa


Empangeni, Kwa Zulu Natal

Pretoria, South Africa

6) Five jobs I've had:Bank clerkGirl FridayYouth worker.Co- PastorChurch Administrator7) five people I'm tagging:
Lisa Houston
Lisa (Preachers wife)
Beloved Mama


darla said...

I love you! I will do this post and link back to you..tomorrow..praying for you and yours