Sunday, June 29, 2008


This week end has been one that really has me hanging in the balance of what friendship is all about, when I was a little girl my grandfather said to me one day, “its easier for negative people to make you one of them then to make them one of you (positive).” This has always stayed with me.
On that note we went to dinner with a couple the other evening and it was a great restaurant with great food and d├ęcor everything was great the company was good and we chat about various things, one thing that we have very much in common is that we both come out of ministry, ours is a very different set of reasons to theirs, which I wont go into detail about, my husband had once preached about the day that Noah had gotten drunk and had passed out naked, one of his sons had laughed and even mocked his father but the other covered the naked body of their father, in the same manner we need to cover one another nakedness before others, however I can say that after listening to them, I felt angry and had to really seek the Fathers face, I was looking for answers I knew I would not get, as the Lord said to Job who are you to question me (my own interpretation).
Yet here was a man that is a powerful preacher and a wonderful gifted man that has the ability to make the most awesome counseling manuals… but when my husband asked him how he felt about the ministry his answer was I help myself and others must help themselves… the reason why it angered me is because they are always trying to counsel us and tell us that the season of ministry is over for the four of us, and maybe its right regarding leading a work or a church… shepherding a flock… and that is so important that we find the right shepherd to shepherd us,.. However I love the ministry, it’s not easy its one of the hardest things anyone can do. On that note also one of the most rewarding things you can do as well. My friend Deanna wrote something on been famous that goes so well with this go read it here:
I could have chosen to do this: become negative and agree and moan and complain about how bad the church is and how people just use and abuse you (and yes that does happen, and if it is happening to you, please find someone in ministry that is stronger then you to speak to…please don’t speak to one of the congregation members its not fair to them and it will cause you heartache in the end) and come away losing sight of what God is busy with in my life right now and the restoration and exciting journey that is facing me right now.
What I did do is walk away and go straight to the Fathers feet and ask Him to show me what He requires from me, I had to go and pour out the heartache and anger so He could fill me up with His love and compassion. Let’s always make a conscious decision to walk in the opposite spirit.
Love always me


darla said...

it seems as long as we are in this world,we will have the need to run to the Father and be refilled...i hear you dolla!

sparkled*life said...

Wow this is so true girl! The sad thing is that to find true friends is hard to find. My best friends I prayed for 5 years before I got them. I am also in ministry and when you are you can't just let everyone in. I live my life to a different standard then most. A lot of people say they live the Bible but when the rubber meats the road they don't. Obviously these people are one of those. I will be praying for you to get a good Godly friend like God sent to me.
As far as what they told you about not being in ministry anymore. God didn't place that in your heart for it not to be fullfilled. There are two kinds of people in life dream stealers and dream builders. I only choose to be with people that will help build and encourage the dream that God placed on the inside of me. The dream stealers I stay far away from. I say if that is what is in your heart don't take no for an answer from anyone. You just keep doing what is in your heart and God will get you to that dream.

Crystal Sparks