Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dolla’s tonight as I am busy preparing dinner and the house is quite not a sound except the tapping of the keys on the laptop, I thank the Lord for precious people that He has brought across my path over the years of serving the Lord.
With very fond memories I think of my aunt that took the time to take me to church after I had run away from home at the tender age of 13. When I look at Kirsty-pie and see the beauty of a young girl I shudder to think that at her age I had already been raped. Life has not always been a bed of roses, but everyday we should chose to change our scars into stars.
In the quietness of the house I am reminded of the scripture:
Be still and know that I am God.
I can truly say tonight that I know that God the bible speaks about, the one who rescued me from a living hell. The one that taught me to love life and me again. The one who said Your SINS are forgiven. The one who died so that I might have eternal life. Tonight I just want to sing praises to the Lord of all Lords and the King of all Kings. How precious is He and tonight as I sit in the quietness of my home, I am free to praise Him free to be me.
Changing our scars into stars is a process that we should all go through it brings freedom in our lives like no one can describe, today I don’t feel like a woman soiled and lost but I feel like a pure woman before God, when I go to bed at night with my darling Fred, I can truly say this is the man that God had preordained for me, I don’t enter our marriage bed with shame in my heart but I come to our marriage bed free to be the princess the queen of my home.
Dolla’s come let the Lord of all Lord anoint your heart let Him take your scars and turn them into star tonight, come sit before Him and be still so that you can Know that He is God. Praise you Jesus I am so in love with you.

Love always me


Anonymous said...

Hi Debs

So very precious what can I say. Just remain the special woman you are. I love reading your blog spot it just encourages me so much. Love you lots my special friend. Greetings from Malawi.

Jen said...

I have been missing visiting your blog...and I have missed it.
You truly are an encouragement and so very real...I love you perspective and I love how you help me see the world as so much bigger than my little city or my province or even my nation.

This is a great post...thank you once again and many blessings from Canada!!!

Minister Mamie L. Pack said...


I love the quiet moments. Along my life's journey in Christ, I have learned to appreciate those moments to allow God to speak to my heart and minister to my spirit. It is wonderful that we serve a God that is able to take what others see as defiled choose us to be a part of His chosen generation, His called, to recieve His love. Continue to be encouraged and enjoy the journey.

darla said...

Dolla, you made me cry! I love you so much!! across the miles..still heart to heart..yes these scars are to be stars!! I can see you twinkling all the way here.

Deanna Shrodes said...

where are you?

I miss your blogs...