Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We have been through some tough times together and this year has pushed so many boundries, however today as I sit and think about our life together, I want to take the chance to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

My darling Fred, as I lay in your arms this morning and we chatted my heart was filled with that first love again, and today I want to honour you as the head and priest of our home.

Thank you for putting up with your drama queen.

13 years ago you took not just me but 3 young babies and you walked into our lives and changed our lives around.

Tonight at 12 when we where married 13 years ago and all I can say is I am so blessed to walk beside you, thank you for taking my hand and walking me down this journey so far....

The champange is on ice and I am waiting.....

Love you bekkie so very much....

love always me


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!
I remember when you were writing of your anniversary lat year, I thought it was such a neat thing that you would have chosen the stroke of a new year to get cool.

May the Lord who redeems all things, bless you both!