Monday, December 29, 2008


As I was chatting to a very good friend of mine she gave me this to read and all I can say is God knows me better then myself.
this is from Come away My beloved
a book that always ministres so to my heart
remember when I asked you all to pray for me well this is spot on of what had/has been going on in my life.

"Return unto me; for lo, I have sought after thee, but thou hast continued on in pursuit of thine own ways. I have called unto thee, but ye have disregarded Me. I have placed obstacles in they path, hoping that ye would stop and consider and inquire of Me, but ye have obstinately and determinately forged on ahead.
Have ye learned no wisdom? Text ColorHave past lessons fled they mind? Are My dealings with thee remembered not at all?
O stubborn and rebellious child, has My love no longer the power of melt thy heart? Have My words which once ye so treasured become of no value to thee?
Put down thine anxieties, and trust Me for everything. Ye need nothing but what I am fully able to supply, with no effort on thy part. I do not ask all My children to live in so complex a degree of trust, but I require it of thee, because ye cannot please Me with anything less.
Ye are weary, and ye should be strong. Ye are encumbered and I would have thee free. Ye are hindered by undue concern when ye should be abounding in joy.
Come back into My perfect will, and finish the task I have assigned thee. Anything else is sin. What, for another, maybe legitimate is not so for thee.
Come closer to Me, and I will minister to thee and will revive thy spirit. So shall ye go on, even though the climb be more steep than ever before."
love always me