Monday, December 29, 2008


Jenni, Charl and Kyrone we decided to do the tourist thing on family day (boxing day) and went to the Union Buildings which is very historical for all South Africans. I loved the idea of just hanging out under the trees with the kids as you will see from the pictures we did alot of walking and i think all our arms where dead by the end of the day with little Kyrone (nana's kyrone siren boy)

one of the statues at the union buildings

Us with Kyrone and we think he is much cuter then the first minister of SA.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful family day where you got out and about and spent precious time that can never be replaced by anything.

Gramp's , Kyrone and Nana

the last picture is of Kyrone and he did not even realise he was standing on his own

love always me