Saturday, January 3, 2009


As I sit here on my porch and just watch my dogs play, and I relax with a cup of coffee; I think about this morning and even our wonderful dinner with friends last night, I am all choked up. Sounds strange because I am having a wonderful day;
This morning as I was driving to do some groceries and just get some treats for the kiddies that are coming home tomorrow. I pasted 3 ladies again on the side of the road begging. Yesterday I was watching someone preaching on the God channel, and he asked this question, What moves you to tears at the moment, did mother Theresa ask someone if she could do this or that or did she go and do what God was moving her heart to do? Why are you complaining about not knowing what to do when God has already highlighted what He wants you to move on?
I was blown away because every time I drive past these ladies my heart breaks, I come home in tears and I know that this is what God is moving my heart to do.
I am not going to tell you what I did today but let me tell you my heart is rejoicing in the fact that at last I am obedient to what the Lord has been prompting me to do for a long long time.
All I ask now if anyone has idea’s on nutrition for these little ones please email me as I am wanting to do this on a full scale, to make sure each one even if its once a month in the beginning to give a food parcel aimed at the baby on the mom’s back and even a few things for mom.
I am doing this out of my house money so please pray with me that I will find bargains all the way.
These babies deserve a chance to live and find life in Christ.

Love always


Jen said...

I am praying serious blessings over you and Fred and finances.
That is what would break my heart as well.

I am not sure what you have available there, but I would be looking at a formula or powdered milk and something high in beans of some sort or here, it would be peanut butter.
I have a friend in BC Canada who went this year to Africa with a team to wok in an orphanage...I will check in with her, to see what they were feeding the children.

I have been on EXTREMELY tight budgets in the past, and God always came through. When it came to a need or something I knew He'd placed on my heart, I would remind Him of my need and His promise to meet my need...then I'd pray for wisdom and to be led to the store with that item at the best price...I could tell you story after story of the needs and even some unspoken desires He has met this way sometimes it was the money to purchase the item He sent my way, or the item itself through an unexpected source. He is sooo Faithful, and He will give you creative ideas on how to do this.

I'd love to hear updates, as you are's my email as well:

Your New Year's comment was very meaningful to me, thank you!

Love from Canada

SpiritledWoman said...

God has been speaking 'miraculous provision' to me. I believe as we seek to be His hand extended, He will provide for us in an amazing way. I will be praying for you and that this ministry will be fruitful in your life. God bless your heart for His creation!

Tara Sloan said...

Deborah.... how awesome... wow! Do you have a Paypal acct???