Thursday, January 1, 2009

HOPE 2009

O My child, I need you for Myself. Yea, I have purposes for thy life beyond thy present comprehension. Yea, I have truth concerning Myself to give to thee deeper and richer and more wonderful that thine understanding has thus far taken in.
Open thine heart wide to Me. I will fill thee with My Holy Spirit, and in so doing will satisfy the deepest longings of thy soul. (Come away My Beloved)
This morning as I sit in the quietness of my home the hum of my hubby sleeping and the dogs at peace, I have a sense of great expectation rising up in my heart and I know that this year is that year of Hope, I believe with all my heart that great things will happen this year…..
I believe that as we continue to bow our knee in this home that God is a God of breakthrough. I received a gift for my garden, it’s a wall hanging that says HOPE… it’s a prophetic symbol for our home and that is why I have even changed my blog heading to remind me and all that read this blog that this is the year of HOPE.
Well I am off to take a shower and get ready for our anniversary day of fun and been out under the warm African sky.


Jen said...

Happy New Year!!!
Thank you for this word of Hope...I need that renewal of hope in my own life.
The new blog looks great.