Sunday, January 11, 2009


There is nothing nicer for me on a Sunday evening then going to church and coming home and inviting people round for supper, however since we been up here that has not happened. Tonight Kirsty and I rode around looking for a church to go to, can you believe it there is not one open that we went to. I understand school is only opening next week, yet somehow I think in SA the culture of having church in the evening, is dying out what do you all think about it?
I so pray that I find a church that we really can call home!


Angelika said...

Deborah, first of all hello! I am a stranger to you who does not wish to remain a stranger :-)

I have been following your blog which made me smile, feel encouraged, and thankful for your life.

As I just received an award on my own blog and intend to share it with you, I am coming out of hiding.

Please come to my blog: "Angelika's Heart Talk Journals, Life Stories & Memoires" and collect your award.

Have a very blessed Sunday!

darla said...

the "church" is slipping, not many have evening church anymore, and even less have the fellowship that you talk about. It would be heavenly to sit around with dinner and fellowship with more of God's children, and really feel like family...I do long for that