Friday, May 25, 2007


I bought myself a lovely devotional the other day, and reading this morning really got me thinking the heading was “dare to dream….dare to ask”
What is my dream I thought for a while I know what is in my heart but how do you share it without sounding arrogant and full of ones self. I spoke to my beloved and asked him how he would do it….. (Looking rather irritated) replied if you can’t write it down how can you live it.
Mmmmmmm not the answer I was looking for. The devotional that is written by Karen Moore scripture reading is in John…..
John 14:13 And whatever you may ask in My Name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
John 14:14 If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it.

I thought about it for along time do I really dare to ask God…. Am I worthy of His calling on my life that I can dream this big? The next statement that came I know was not from me….. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Snigger, you can only guess where and what that came from.

Then I felt a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit the words that came where I have called you by name you are mine, For many years I have dreamt of running a woman’s ministry....(I know that Shar has opened a big door for me in New Zealand and I need to wait on God's timing for this one) I would love to see millions of woman restored to beauty in Christ, and yes here and there I get invited to speak, but my dream is for something bigger something that will impact the world, I get so excited when I can see other ministries rising up and making a difference, I ask God this morning to give me the capacity to be on the cutting edge, to take me send me where He wants me…. Girls I need prayer…. I need a plan from the Master planner…. I need His hand without Him I will not go….. I don’t want the glory I want to do it so that He may be glorified.

Am I asking too much when I dream for this?


Sharmaine said...


You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a princerss chosen for His work before the begining of time.

Look to the Son that way the shadows stay behind you...however beware of the dream stealers..guard yolur heart and vision, do NOT throw your pearls before the swine.

Love always


Nicki said...'re heart is so right where it's supposed to be!! God's going to use you in a big way!!

Nadine said...

My husband is a pastor and he always says, "Dream God size dreams not man size." Man size we can do on our own, but God size we need the Father to accomplish it. I say go for it. Don't shoot low but aim high.

Thank you for your kind words and visiting me. I hope you come back. I will be here.

Leigh Gray said...

Deb - I am with you - and maybe Lord willing we can reach the world from Illinois all the way to New Zealand. I think that pretty much covers everything in between. Oh girl i am so with you. I have prayed the prayer and I believe am in a holding pattern until my kids a bit older. DOn't let the fire die or the dream fade!!! Keep it alive in prayer!!

Beautiful gut filled post!!!


Rhoda said...

Hi, Deborah, I saw you posted awhile back on my blog & I don't think I ever properly came over and said hello. If I did not, please know that I'm so glad to meet you & hope you'll come back to see me again.

Southern HOspitality

Karen said...

I had not heard of Shar's ministry before, and I live in NZ! I met my Kiwi husband in Scotland (I'm from the UK) and before we became engaged we were at a Prophetic conference there in Scotland and someone spoke over me that God was calling me to the Nation where the sun rises first...I was like gulp - is it Japan? Didn't see myself there. So I sidled back to my seat thinking of sushi and the like and told my Kiwi boyfriend (as he was then) what had been spoken over me. He looked at me and said "It is in New Zealand where the sun rises first". It felt such a big step, as at that time we were not engaged, that followed in Paris (Hard life!) and we left Scotland - were with YWAM at the end of that year and moved to Auckland. New Zealand really needs life breathed into it, there is so much passivity here, and yet so much potential for creativity, life, revival, passion.

Karen said...

Mean't to add, anyway this is where I am mean't to be and God confirmed it in many ways. Yay! My life feels pretty 'hidden' these days, Mum of 2 wee ones aged 6 and 4 and God doing much internal, character building stuff. My prayer for you right now, is that God makes that path so very clear and opens doors that no man can shut. If NZ is to be part of your inheritance, may it be so with no hindrance and may you know clearly.