Monday, May 28, 2007


'I will not let You go unless You bless me.' Then He blessed him (Jacob) there."Genesis 32:26,29

- To desire God's blessing on our lives is a good thing.

-Jacob struggled with God and got God's blessing.

- He was determined to hold onto God.-

As we cling to God we can expect His blessing.
CHALLENGE: Hold onto God and ask Him to bless you, no matter what you may be facing at the momentGod has bowled me over!
A friend of mine Rene, sent me a text message on Saturday saying that God was going to prepare me for the speaking engagements that lie ahead for me this month, that it would be both spiritual and physical in nature, that like little butterfly kisses He would reveal Himself to me. I went with beloved this weekend to buy a jacket for the winter as it has steadily got colder over the last few weeks, as you are all aware I am speaking at a ladies tea, with the princess theme in full swing, the lady helping me at the counter has a badge on her shirt that says “Hello Princess” that was the first of many things to take place.
Alex and Michele that lead our church gave me a gift voucher to have a facial done, and my beauty therapist gave me to vouchers too (I am so blessed to have a believer for a therapist). It reminds me of Esther that was been prepared to meet the King, then beloved came home last night and said well if you are going to have all this done why not go the whole way and have your nails and hair done as well, (I am so in love with this man) so girls God has me in a place of preparation and I just want to say THANK YOU LORD!!!! THANK YOU LORD!!

My week is one of pampering starting today:

Monday -Indian Head massage (not sure what it is but will report back on that one tomorrow)

Tuesday – facial at this oh la la salon

Wednesday – nails think I should try the French tips what you think?

Thursday – pedicure wow preparing the feet for the work of the gospel, bringing good news.

Friday – My hair colored, seems to be more grey coming out lately, must be the cold weather that is freezing the colour right off.

I am so privileged to be a daughter of the Most High!!!!


Mish said...

Hi Debs

What a princess you are. It is always great to get ourselves pampered every now and than. I think you must go for the French tips it will look good on your hands because you have beautiful small hands. Keep up the good work my friend what a precious blessing you are.

All My Love