Friday, June 8, 2007


Its finally happened the ministry that I have been praying about has been birthed in our church Thandaza Covenant Church, I am heading up this ministry so as to reach woman in our community that have been through physical, sexual and emotional abuse, having gone through all of them, I know that through the saving grace of God I will be able to help these girls become well adjusted woman in society. Please pray with me as we are about to launch it, I just wanted to share our logo with all of my darling blog friends. I also want to add a poem which I think says it all about been part of who God sees us as even when we have been through abuse.
A Poem by Russell Kelfer

You are who you are for a reason.
You’re part of an intricate plan.
You’re precious and perfect unique design,
Called God’s special woman or man.
You look like you look for a reason.
Our God made no mistake.
He knit you together within the womb,
You’re just what he wanted to make.
The parents you had were the ones he chose,
And no matter how you feel,
They were custom-designed with God’s plan in mind,
And they bear the Master’s seal.
No, that trauma you faced was not easy.
And God wept that it hurt you so;
But it was allowed to shape your heart
So that into his likeness you’d grow.
You are who you are for a reason,
You’ve been formed by the Master’s rod.
You are who you are, beloved,
Because there is a God!

Love always Me


Anonymous said...

Deb's I knew it was your hearts desire to start this ministry - and now it is happening! The Lord is so faithfull.May you be blessed as I know so many others will be blessed through your ministry. You go Girl!

Michele said...

Hi my precious friend I just want to say how proud I am of you. Wow girl you have come such a long way what can I say. You are in the right place stay in the stream allow His annointing to cover you stay obedient. God is going to use you in a mighty way. Stay blessed I pray God protects you and your family and continues to bless you in a mighty way. Warmest greetings from Malawi.

Leigh Gray said...

You are believing!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise Him!

Sharmaine said...


How proud I am of you, I constantly say this but you always deserve this.

This is such good training for reigning for New Zealand

Love you


Slingshot Sean said...

Hi Debbie

I found this Blog, which may be a useful ally in your efforts.

Hope for South Africa
Who we are. Chantel and Arnie Swiegers. We spent the last six months learning from Oasis in Mumbai ,India. We'll be returning to South Africa in February ...
Thanks, Sean

Anonymous said...

We serve a faithful GOD and HE rewards Faithfullness!!

All the best and keep your eyes upon your ABBA DADDY!

Love Rentia

Alycia said...

This so touched my heart tonight!! May God bless your efforts in bringing healing to hurting women. Blessings from Japan!

Alycia said...

This so touched my heart tonight!! May God bless your efforts in bringing healing to hurting women. Blessings from Japan!

Jen said...

I recently did some catch up with friends from my teens. We talked about some of the tough stuff and was asked what if anything I would change about my life. My reply was that that was not a fair question, because if I changed anything at all, it would change who and what I am today...someone I like. Wouldn't want to relive lots of it, but can't say I'd change it either.
Russell Kelfer's poem confirms my thinking on that.
Thanks from Canada