Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My man Fred or beloved as I normally call him on the blog, is such a cool dude oh yes he is indeed, he is one of those gentle souls with a heart as big as taxi a south African taxi that is always room for one more person.

Yet he is very quite and I am not sure if it’s his height that makes him look dignified or what but everyone that knows Fred knows that when he speaks we take note of what he is saying, our home group is very loud and we have quite a number of mature people in our home group and a large number of woman that are very verbal about our opinions no matter what the topic and I must admit I feel sorry for our home group leader at times because we will not back down from what we believe God saying to us at any given time.

Last night as we discussed quite a weighty issue we girls where at it and Fred in his cool calm collective self said “can I say something?”

It was as if we were one person speaking all 25 of us shouted keep quite Fred wants to say something, if it had not been so serious it would have been hilarious, so today I just want to honor this wonderful man of mine that stands firmly planted in Gods word, and he has to stay firmly plant at 6’5, thank you my darling for been the strength and wisdom in my life and in our family. You are indeed a man after God’s heart; we will continue to follow you as you follow Christ. Love you “my bekkie” (translated for all my USA dollas…. “My mouth to kiss” in other words)
Love always me


nsremom said...

Sounds like you have a 6'5" prince to call your own. :)

Gretchen said...

Awww...what a wonderful love offering to your Dear One. xxxooogretchen

The Preacher's Wife said...

this was the most precious tribute! I wish I had been there to 'go at it' with you girls! I love a lively discussion! :))


Shelly said...

This was just precious!

And glory to some quality discussion! May iron sharpen iron!